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Purgatory instead of Transfusion

Ok, now i just learned Purgatory in Transplant and got weird bug. As you can see in video i didnt pick Transfusion but it works when i transplant. Gonna relevel skill reeeeeeee :rage:

EDIT: I dont wanna spam with topics but i have small bug with double boss spawned also. In area named “Lagonian Port” i should clear a forge and while clearing i killed one boss and opened portal, and after this second spawned, after his kill i opened second portal replacing previous. Loot has dropped one time.

This is actually due to a bug where Bone Minions and Skeletons were considered the same by some effects, so because you have a node that limits your maximum to one, the Skeletons get killed. This will be fixed next patch.

This is likely because of a modifier the boss had so it’s intended, but the portal issue is known.


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