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Progression and interim goals

Love the game and the approach you guys took on this. I would like to offer a first reaction in my journey to level a char after finishing up the story line. Lack of goals. I know, gearing is there but that in itself is not enough. As the game is evolving I would love to see some goals that help build the char (a couple of extra skill points, an extra skill slot etc.). Something that gives you interim goals to aim at and that drives you forward in your progression.

While I do not want to do any comparisons with poe their trials serve that purpose and gives rewards and something to gear for in the interim. You have a great foundation and as you build the game out, please consider that at some point :-).

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100% agree.

But there is already something very similar. It is basically very close to “gear”, but not quite.

All the different Monolith Of Fate Timelines have blessings as rewards. We currently have 4x Meta affixes(like gold, exp and drop rates) and 3x Character Power Affixes.

You have to farm the desired ones, while they still have roll ranges , which leads to min-maxing.

Those serve the purpose that you mentioned. But even more of that will surely be welcomed.

The trails in PoE are one of the most controversial aspects of the game. A lot of people hated them at release and I suspect they still do but its ok because they only need to do them once per league. LE’s sub-classes are very similar to PoE’s ascendancy classes anyway, no need to overcomplicate things. In the end, it all becomes a big gear hunt. It works for PoE, will work here too.

I agree fully with this statement and I know. My point was not to copy that in any way but finding a way to introduce some interim goals that makes the journey to 100 feel a bit more broken down in steps and to give the player something to look forward to.

Being new to the game I am sure I have not fully understood some aspects of the end-game and it might be that I need a bit more time to understand some aspects. I really do like the end game setup I just felt I lacked that next “beacon” to aim at. I really liked that you unlock new skill slots for instance but perhaps 1 more slot at 80 or something. Those are the types of things that gives you something to focus on.

I exactly know what you mean.

But the progression in the Monolith Of Fate “feels” really good and natural.

If you get suck somewhere you really feel getting stronger until you reach all skills lvl 20, more passives points.

And then progression through the timelines and defeating it’s bosses after several attempts(in case you struggle before and were defeated) feels realyl good.

But yeah, MoF is the only real progression you get besides 1 passive point each level.
But the passive skill tree progression also feels very good. Some of the nodes in the very top of a masteries tree are really impactfull. Even for “just being passives”