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Progress reset

I have lost all progress (several levels) on a character I played two days ago. The game exited normally when I closed it from the menu. output_log.txt (30.9 KB)

Was this on the same computer - and if so, have you since used any utilities which interact with the Windows Registry, such as CCleaner?

Moving thread from #bug-reports to #technical-support.

I did have to use a restore point due to being unable to log in on my OS, caused by changing a setting in Samsung Magician (2nd time I made this mistake and 2nd time it lead to the afformentioned login issues). I hope you’re not storing our characters progress in the windows registry? :smiley:

That would explain the loss of progression.

At release Last Epoch will support both online-only characters which will be stored server-side, and offline-only characters which will be stored in dedicated save files. Presently save data is in the default location for the game engine, which for Windows is indeed the Registry.

Ok, cool, good to know! Thanks for the explanation!

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