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Proc-ed smite unable to create fissures?

Hi, i wanted to check and ask around if smite that is proc-ed from judgement or throw attacks can still trigger fissures? It doesnt seem to be able to for me and would like to see if it is working as intended. Cheers!

It’s supposed to create fissues, but there are issues currently with Keen Idol triggered Smites.

Here’s an associated Bug Report thread, if you have any additional situations, report them there so they can see, test, and fix the issues: Keen Idol Shield Throw Smite Proc Descend bug

A procc is no cast and fissure triggers ony from smite casts afaik.

Proc-ed smite also does not give mana back if you have the passive from the sentinel tree.
But Proc-ed smite + the new affix on helmet which gives mana per used smite gives mana.

The node “Time And Faith” you are talking about works as intended.
The tooltip of that nodes states “when you directly use”

That is true, but that’s presumably a bug since there’s nothing in the wording of the Fissure node that says/implies fissure shouldn’t be proc’d/cast by a proc’d Smite.

Isn’t this a base mechanic unless told otherwise?

As noted in the bug report I linked to, there’s a number of known issues with Proc’d Smite that are being worked on. Fissure (according to another thread linked in the linked thread) is intended to work with the Proc’d smite.

nice thx for the effort to bring the information of linked linked threads here ^^.

I think it used to, but it doesn’t now. :frowning:

Thanks everyone for the info and glad to know it will be looked into soon!

It procs fissures but on your character (tested with shield throw and smite).

Which is also a known bug, as it’ll proc the descend node on your character as well if you have that spec’d (though the bug is that it’s procing descend though it shouldn’t).