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Problems coming back

I havent played for a while and looked like some signifcant patches had come through and time to see how the games looking

idols seem like a really cool idea…except that trying to make sense and figure out how to unlock my 4x4 is proving to be a nightmare, i tried to piece together a few screenshots of where im currently stuck and trying to solve my problems of what quests to do, where to go, and not being able to get there

it honestly shouldnt be this hard to have to try and google how to do this, much less not be able to find solutions to the point that im having to come on here for a solution


EDIT: i went TP hopping looking for quests or quest triggers and have made my way to Heoborea, still clueless about how to do the quest in the ruined coast

after you run the side quests all the idol slots will unlock my friend

yea except that i cant access the areas where its telling me to go, it wont let me port to the nide or any connecting areas and for places like the ruined coast i cant even see what its actually connected to nor is the info on the wiki

Do i have to make a new toon if i want to unlock the full idol box? It looks like some of these areas are not meant to be backtracked to, which is what im trying to do

i got all my idol slots without needing to figure out the ruined coast quest

what i might suggest as given the nature of this game, this type of game, and games in beta is that some sort of open or available quest tracker or prompt, people are gonna play for a bit then go check something else out, and hopefully come back.

given the nature of the “era” system and map waypoint pathing, or disconnected floating waypoints, its quite easy to come back and have no clue where to go or what to do.

I came back to no open quests and only figured out what to do by randomly porting around to different WPs looking for “!”'s or prompts, after exhausting google to try and figure out if it was bugs or i was missing something

For any character that is created since the patch, the quest tracking/finding is relatively straight forward. For characters that were made many patches ago, its just something that there isnt really a fix for. There has been so much structural change in code through all the patches, the story line has changed… that the fact the characters are able to complete all the idol slots and quest still is very amazing in my opinion. Glad you got it all sorted out though. All those idols are fun to mix and match :slight_smile:

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thats a fair point

i still think some type of quest prompter, or acknowledging what zones you have possible or active quests in might be a good idea

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