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Primalist without companions


Hey there, I would love to see some nodes that benefit primalist play without pets. Sure Druid is a bit into that direction but I realy want to get rid of the companions without gimping myself outside of not having the ressources they offer. I would love some egoist nodes that make the player toon stronger without pets, some Lone Wolf gameplay. It may be the opposit of your plans for the Primalist but at least I can try to suggest this ;).


There is a decent amount of passive skills just for that. But it will be completed once they add healing wind or thickest blade specializations.
Check out this video if you do no believe me.


I still do not belive you because all I saw in this video was someone using skills and making nearly no dmg ^^. What should this Video show me? It’s about the passive tree nodes not about aktive skills. Look into the druid tree what benefits you can get if you have a companion. My question is why there are no nodes for people who play without pets that are equaly beneficial. I know you can build something without companions or minions but the numbers are no near the numbers with the “Get X if you control only one companion” nodes.


I think you’re looking at the wrong ascendancy if you want to play with no companions. Beastmaster seems to be focused on many companions, Druid on one companion. Shaman is the tree that has very few nodes to benefit minions. They do however have a couple pretty strong totem nodes.

The biggest problems with shaman at the moment are simply beta issues: storm totem scaling is broken so the skill is currently terrible and avalanche doesn’t have a tree. Tornado is alright and looks like it could work well with a melee and totem focused shaman since it can be made instant cast and centered on your character allowing you to add dps without losing melee attacks.

Another problem is that while the thorn totems work alright, and allow you to drop 5 totems at once to get those juicy shaman bonuses, I feel a shaman would want to use them as cold totems (since shamans get elemental bonuses and have no poison bonuses) and cold totems felt underwhelming to me the one time I tried them. I didn’t have great gear though, so I’ll need to test more in the future.

If you don’t want to use companions or totems I suspect you’re going to have to look to a different base class than primalist. I imagine you could make one work, especially once the healing skills have trees but I doubt they’ll be optimal.


I get it that the ascendency maybe isn’t made for it that’s why I ask for it. To be honest I find the other ascendencys piss poor and that’s my problem. I LIKE the Primalist but I’m no fan of pets they make me simply mad. The problem isn’t that other classes are poorly designed they are just not appeling and Primalist or better said Druid was/is a Class that would make sence to play petless because it has pretty much an invard focus on changing itself and don’t focus that much on flora and fauna. I still have hopes for the rogue but if the classes don’t work out for me and the options are limited pretty much I have a big problem and no real intrest in playing the game. This is MY OWN problem ^^, but maaaaybe there will be more options to it in the future.

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