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Primalist - Thorn Burst - Thorn Shield can get cast on allies without the node

I never had the node to cast Thorn Shield on Allies with this char, but somehow some Thorn Shields get cast on my Totems when I spam Thorn Shield. I don’t know how, and I can “aim” the thorn shields, they only get cast on totems that I hover over/near.
The Log is a very short session where I only cast the Totems and Thorn Shields.

EDIT: Just had a theory: Maybe the Shields from “When Thorn Shield expires, there is an X% chance to cast another” are the ones that get cast on totems sometimes? Because it doesn’t happen when I cast the thorn shields very slowly.

output_log.txt (54.3 KB)

This is indeed caused by also having the Bulb Shield node-- thanks for testing!

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