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Primalist - Thorn Bond does not work with totems

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Put points into Throrn Bond (Thorn Bond - You deal increased damage. This effect is doubled while you have an active minion.)
  2. Summon Thorn or Storm totem

Result: The player does not receive doubled effect while the totem is active.

Expected: Please make sure the talent is correctly providing doubled effect. OR If it’s only suppose to work with summoned animals, then please consider changing wording on description to: “You deal increased damage. This effect is doubled while you have an active companion.”

This node is working with totems. It increases your global damage by 20% (Fire,cold,phys,void,necrotic %) etc and if you summon a totem this is doubled and you gain 40% instead of the 20%

My Tornado deals 187 damage per tick without any points in Thorn Bond.
195 with 5 points with no totem active.
195 with 5 points and a totem active.
204 damage with a wolf active…

The node does not work with totems.

As you can see from the clip, the node is working. It does not mean you will deal 20% more damage and 40% more damage when you have active minion. What the node does is Increase your global damage stats by 20% this is doubled to 40% when you have active minion. To test it with tornado mine does 50 damage and 54 damage when i have totem up.

Hi Foe,
My bad you are right it does go up after recasting the spell. It doesn’t go up on the spell that has already been cast, but if you re-cast the spell it will have increased damage.

Do you know if this is by design, or should it increase the damage on the damage over time spells cast before totems are set up?

Considering this is how a lot of skills work (Minions, Channeled skills, etc.) to me it seems like it is by design however I can’t say with 100% certainty.

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