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Primalist: Spriggan companion ability not toggling

I’m having an issue with Spriggan. If it is assigned to a regular hotkey, then after summoning the ability swaps for the companion ability. If it is assigned specifically to RMB, it doesn’t and I can only resummon the Spriggan somewhere else.

This issue does not affect Wolves, at least if you have The Claw equipped. You will summon Wolves until you have two, then the companion ability swaps in as expected.

That’s odd, when I put summon spriggan on my RMB, summoning it then changes the icon to Rejuvenating Wind.

Could you upload a screenshot of your Spriggan specliasation ( is your friend)? Additionally, you could get steam to check the game files, wierd **** seems to be fixed by that.

I haven’t leveled it much. It’s just 5/8 Floral Ascendance, 2/2 Vale Barrage, 1/1 Vale Assault.

I’ve validated the files and it does seem to be working now, but I’ll have to keep an eye on it.