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Primalist Ice Thorns Delay cast Bug

I’m currently an LVL 34 Primalist Beastmaster. When I cast Ice Thorns the character animation happens instantly, but the actual Thorns do not cast from the character body for another second and a half later. I noticed this bug last night during my gameplay. However, it was not happening during my gameplay earlier in the day. I thought it might have been due to a speed issue with my ISP because I was playing during peak times. So, I waited to see if it was still happening when I woke this morning. I am playing during an off-peak time and my ISP speeds are very good and the delay cast with Ice Thorns damaging animation is still happening.

Do you have the Thorn Shield node enabled? That node causes a 1 second delay before the Ice Thorns are released, but grants other buffs.

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At the time I think I did have the shield node on Ice Thorns. I have since changed my build and no longer run Ice Thorns because the delay bothered me. Thank you though.

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