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Primalist Builds - The Lazy Council

This build is dead as of 0.7.8 - it might work on cold spec with the cold primalist set, but DPS is seriosly reduced, I might update it for the cold version. The issue is mana regen seems to be removed. I cannot find that affix craftable on any item.

Build version: 0.7.7E // could not create a cold or lightning build yet but still trying
Latest Update [4/14/2020]: Only items for now, will provide builds after next weekend

Showcase - This will get updated later together with arena rankings

----------------- GIF out of date -----------------

It is a run only build for us lazy folks who wanna max chill while looking for gear. It’s a fully physical oriented spell build running 4 spells on autocast, triggering a 5th(Thorn Totems). Mouse skill is free but cannot be leveled. I use Fury Leap. It stuns everything!!!


  • Stunner
  • Lazy
  • Good speed
  • Farming Build
  • Fully Physical


  • Ranged enemies
  • Walking into spells (poison)


Rankings/Game Play
  • XXXXXXXX - The Lazy Beastmaster
    Above average crit, def and lifesteal, most tanky. uses bear instead of Tornado, for the buff
  • XXXXXXXX - The Lazy Druid
    High crit, def and lifesteal, most chill playstyle
  • Shamala - The Lazy Shaman
    Lowest crit, def and lifesteal, highest base damage
  • XXXXXXXX - The Lazy Shaman// Cold, Lightning testing still
    In test


Items, for all builds for now

You need:

Mana regen must be over 50% and Mana Efficiency must be over 14%. You need 4 Set Glancing blow 7% [T5], 7% [T5], 6% [T5], 5% [T4] and 3 Critical Strike Avoidance T5 items.
We are targeting protections over 50% including dodge. Armor we are targeting >75%. Max dodge should be 60%, not worth going over, better upgrade armor and protections.

Below you have the recommended base items, crafting affixes and their tiers (decent tiers).

BASE ITEM Best -> Worst
Amulet Silver Amulet
Rings Silver Ring
Relic Sunrise Emblem [good roll], Orchirian’s Petals
Weapon Oracle Staff
Boots Solarum Greaves
Belt Bronze Belt
Gloves Lagonian Gauntlets
Chest Solarum Plate
Helmet Gladiator Helmet

SHAMALA - The Lazy Shaman

Skill Layout
  1. Avalanche
  2. Tornado
  3. Maelstorm
  4. Ice Thorns
  5. Fury Leap (Mouse) - use moderately mana limitation [NOT LEVELED]
IDOL Affix 1 Affix 2
Ornate Heorot Idol X 1 Chance to summon Thorn Totem >9% Spell Damage?? (Exists?)
Large Nomad Idol X 4 Chance to cast Maelstorm every 5 seconds >15% Increased Spell Damage if you have a active totem >25%

Ice Thorns
Priority: Emblem of Might, Second Nature

Priority: Sudden Gale, Calm

Priority: Snap Gale, Swift Wings

Priority: Hail Storm

Summon Thorn Totem
Priority: Grove Mind


Primalist 24 points

Druid 25 points

Shaman 67 points

XXXXXXXX - The Lazy Druid
will post build after weekend
XXXXXXXX - The Lazy Beastmaster
will post build after weekend


reserved, if needed later

How are you supposed to summon the thorn totems when you dont have points into ice thorns totem weaver?

check idols

Totally missed that, thanks

I have been playing this build, but slightly different. Instead of thorn totem and leap slam, I use the blessing spell to populate totems. Apparently efflorescence also spawns a totem, so you get 2 totems per cast. Along with that you get a bunch of defenses and easy/cheap totems for offences.

The trade-off is I move much slower and have to cast the spell often, but the trade-off makes me quite tanky

Also I agree about a cold build. I would love a shaman set that used cold.

I get you, but you loose quite alot of DPS, not that it really matters because this is a farming build. I will update soon because I got a 30% DPS boost with new experiments. Thorn Totems spawn 5 at once, and you get 40% spell dmg per totem = 200% spell damage.

Also thorn totems will reduce armour and you deal physical damage.

But again my main focus is to make a fast farming build. I did not manage to pass Arena 170 with this build and I don’t think it could ever catch up with other arena builds though.

I started with dodge because I wanted to see how far I could get with it, however now I’m experimenting with resistances and crit.

I will update soon (1 week maybe), however new gambling system makes it harder for me to get good gear :frowning: .

I imagine with better gear your build would be better, I havent managed to find a %chance to cast thorn totem yet, so it has worked well in the mean time.

As for totem #s, I get up from 3 to 20 totems using the blessing. I am just slowed down by the cast speed.

I also had to use Urzil’s Pride to keep up with the mana use

I was wondering, what is all the cast speed for? as far as I can see we are only casting avalanche right? does it affect damage in some way?

I have not played primalist before, do these skills hit or are they dot damage? The plague bearers staff seems like it would be very good here if the skills hit

3 skills hit, 2 skills dot

it has no purpose for damage, it is exclusively for negating the avalanche cast, so you move continously :D, as much as possible. for damage use crit chance. I will update the build in a week, this being dated. changed alot of stuff

that could be a thing if I go poison, will test (in a month), I’ve got like 4 tests running now concurrently :D, need help

Which skills are the dot skills?

Tornado and Maelstorm. Maelstorm is your stunner which renders all melee units useless, they cannot touch you and also provide you with alot of dodge. Maelstorm needs to stay. Tornado gives you mana but is a big spender also, so that can be removed. As soon as healing wave has a tree, I’ll probably change it to that if it will offer some nice buffs.

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