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Prevent TP abuse in MP/PvP

Just came to my mind and I didn’t find an existing topic:

Put a long cool down / 1 max per char per instance on Town Portal in PvP and Multiplayer to prevent players “porting” out others for funsies.

the easy solution (and what i’d expect) is for TP to only exist for the person who casts it.

Which would suck if you party up with a friend and then can’t use their portal to get to them. A waypoint in every zone would fix that though.

fair point, but we could just have something like the icon on party member portaits in PoE… you can use it to warp straight to them. in PoE it only works for “safe” areas like the hideout, town instances, the outside of the azurite mine, etc, but it could be tailored to LE’s needs.

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