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Prescient Soul Cages?


Not sure if I am noticing things that dont exist but has anyone else noticed how Soul Cages reorient themselves instantly if you teleport within range?

Repeatable situation for me…

Using Sentinel, Smite with Teleport node, I try and target a mob behind a Soul Cage, within melee range to prevent getting hit with its necrotic attack. On landing, the Soul Cage is instantly orientated to face directly at my char and therefor I take the breath attack directly or have to immediately dodge out of the way. This instant movement can be an entire 180degree spin.

If the Soul Cage is already in the process of an attack, then it does NOT reorientate itself. This instant movement only happens if the Soul Cage is not already engaged.

Is this prescience by design or a bug?

Yes, the same happens if you’re not infront of them & stun them, when the stun wears off they’re facing you.

So a bug?

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