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Post Echo Completion Deaths

Once an Echo is complete, I would like to see 1 of 2 things happen:

  1. All additional mobs despawn
  2. You can resurrect and clear remaining mobs then cast your portal to leave.

I find that occasionally I end up losing echo progress, even after completing the echo, due to inability to click to move due to the massive amount of loot/affixes on the ground.

Seems overly punitive to make you lose progress just because you have the floor littered in items making you unable to move out of fire.

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Is the loot filter going to help this problem in anyway?

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It will reduce visual and click clutter, but it still doesn’t address the QOL issue of having completed an objective just to be penalized for not taking the portal immediately.

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I die to this as well, and find it annoying. I’d add the huge “open portal symbol” which appears as a source of many, many deaths. Then there’s dying to the effects that linger for 5-10 seconds after you kill the monster who created them.

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I don’t think large changes are needed, but a little QoL love would be great.

Other day I died once my portal was open, clicked my portal while dead and was ported to town. When I resurrected it then advised me I had lost echoes.

I get the “yes but you still died” point of it, but IMO once and objective is complete, it’s complete.

You can’t call double dribble after the buzzer rings, know what I mean?

The funny thing is they just removed this option this patch. After you completed the objective you used to be able to die and not lose progress. Also I have never not been able to move do to affixes on the ground. maybe there is something more that is the problem here?


Micro movements become difficult when you are standing in a pile of loot. More specifically the “cleanse X forge”quests. You finish killing the last quest mob but surround mobs are pulled in due to pets aggro or AoE.

Again it’s not game breaking or something that happens often, rather a QOL issue I see.

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I guess I don’t notice it bc I use force move all the time

You could toggle off the loot too if you are fighting still at least until lootfilter or some other change is implemented

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So to recap: This sucks, but there are work arounds. Still needs to be addressed, but can be worked around currently. Go!

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Would be interesting to know if the changes @Rimed mentioned are in for a purpose. I did not notice so far because it didn’t happen to me that I died after completion since the last patch. But it defenitely was possible before.

Also there’s a bug with the alignment of item icons and items on the ground.


Absolutely, you can turn loot off until after a run. This solves the “oopsies” for the most part.

My point isn’t that I don’t know how to solve most of the possible accidental deaths, rather just that I don’t feel the penalty is appropriate.

Maybe the death keeps you from claiming after run chest loot, but doesn’t make you lose epochs?

There should always be a down side to dying, but once an objective is complete, it feels clunky for it to be “un-completed” from a post completion death.