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Possibility to move solo characters to multiplayer mode?

Hi there,

great game so far, love it.

One question. Will there be a possibility to move the leveled solo characters to multiplayer mode? Or do you have to start from the scratch, when multiplayer mode comes online?


You won’t be able to transfer offline character to online mode. You will indeed have to start from scratch !

Hey there,

As stated by @Baltax, it will never be possible to bring previously offline characters to our server-side multiplayer environment. One of the primary advantages of this is the reduced potential for cheating, which would be undermined if (potentially modified) save data was imported from locally stored records to our servers.

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And even for beta wouldn’t be needed IMHO, as I’m surprised that we get to Keep our characters through the various Patches in the first place :smiley:

But that’s an issue for me. Without regular wipes it’s harder to balance stuff. Some people mentioned how OP Werbear is and this made me laugh. The person told about 10k crits 24/7 while beeing over 70% resis everywhere. He didn’t play SSF and stuffed his lil toon with BIS gear and started to talk smack. That’s why I asked a Dev how to self wipe my account and I do it every major patch to have an overview how realistic some peoples numbers are if you run arround in the best gear droped with one or two crafted items and 1 or 2 uniques. I think a wipe in the near future would set things straight for some people who throw arround crazy numbers with t5 crafted gear on their twinks.

Well SSF mode does sort that out for you :slight_smile:
I think both sides are important. I personally did start SSF characters for this patch too, because I wanted to see how the leveling process changed. (Which, btw, is still awful for a Tornado shaman, as the physical part of the Tornado is so, so SO weak and it NEEDs at least Level ~5 to even do something.)
But People testing endgame builds with endgame gear is fine by me as well, since Things that break up there Need to be fixed as well.

Thanks for the answers guys. So next question. What will the multiplayer contain? Will it be like Diablo 3? Where you can can get mixed randomly with 3 others to do Monoliths (Endgame) for farming gear? Or only story mode?

Next point: Please do not delete the characters of the beta, bc as a full time employee i dont have much time and pretty sure others dont have it as well. Deleting them would be terrific :smiley:


With the possibility of cheating in the beta I don’t think this will happen. If they don’t wipe for the release it would be kind of a bad joke. On top of that with the MP addition when chars are saved serversided you have to start again when you ever want to play online… at least as far as I know.


Agreed. (And a small grammar Thing to Donald2018: Terrific is pretty much the opposite of terrible, which I think you meant :smiley: )

Well… thinking about it, since the locally saved characters are Singleplayer only anyway, there won’t be much harm done should they stay I guess :slight_smile: I’d fully expect a wipe pre-release anyway.
As to the Details of MP, my personal guess would be that it’ll be similar to Diablo 2, or Grim Dawn MP, where you have a Lobby and can create and Name a game, or join existing ones. I’m pretty sure all of the Content will be available in MP, being it Monoliths, Arenas, Story, whatever is there to come.

I would love it! Some games came up with new methods to make groups but the old lobby based system I like the most. Right now I only hoe EHG has a solid plan for coop group finding. On top of that an option to inspect other players would be nice to see if someone is only dead weight contrary to what he said he is able to do.

Thanks for the answers so far.

I get it that cheating is a thing, but to be honest, what sense makes cheating in soloplayer mode? And it actually bothers no one so how is that a reason to delete characters from the beta?

That actually means i have to stop playing now, because it is wasted time. Which is weird, because i like the game but really dont want to start all over again when the final game is released. Or will there be a possibility to start endgame immediately without playing the campaing? I just want to relax in the evenings and slay some monsters in the arena/monolith nothing else.


PS: you are right, i meant terrible :smiley: thanks man

If you like what you do how can it be a waste of time? If you dislike to do things over and over and over and over and over… i think you get it… again why do you even touch a game that is a ARPG H&S Dungeoncrwler type of game? I just don’t put that much hours into the game and playtest classes that intrest me and everything else I look at after release when I’m bored.

Yet again I am a fan of an even playing field and this is only created if everyone starts from zero. There are other ARPGS you need to skip 5 coop matches because a lot of cheaters are arround and I simply don’t want his to happen :). On top of that even if there is a wipe you’ll only have to “regrind” the first few hours of the game because I’m pretty sure we wont test the whole story from a-z or every gamemode.

I understand it. The situation is maybe frustrating for some people and I still see your side of things but I’ll never second your oppinion. There will be a way for sure to start the endgame imidiatly, just try to get your hand on a savegame of someone with a level 100 char who had done everything. Log in… take a deep breath… say “I did it!” and log out ^^.

I get your point, but i rly dislike leveling characters again via the campaign. If you can start endgame immediately then it should be perfectly fine. As you stated it is a complex topic with good arguments for both sides.

Thanks so much for all the answers so far. It is a great game and i cant wait for the final release.


To be honest I’m also still against not wiping (so for a wipe), simply because it seems logical to me.
Also…TECHNICALLY playing the game on release is also nothing but a waste of time, Kind of what games just are made for :smiley:
But I know where you’re coming from, getting Things you “worked” for taken away feels bad, especially when you don’t have much time.
Since there WILL be a cheat engine for offline characters (I don’t think there is a single ARPG with offline chars that doesn’t have one), maybe a feasible way would be to snapshot your character by screenshots, or maybe you can even save the character file out of the registry to load into a cheat engine, and simply recreate your character via the cheat engine. You’ll maybe lose the campaign process, but everything else should be easy enough to copy.

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