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Possibility of and/or need for offline character p2p play later in development

As a lot of people are probably aware Wolcen’s game launch has garnered a lot of negative feedback due to their server issues (along side many bugs) and a huge part is because similar to Last Epoch, their plan was to have online server play and offline single player only and because people want to play with others not many people want to touch offline in that game resulting in a backlash.

I feel like in a game like this an option to play p2p or local co-op for the “offline” characters would allow people like myself who don’t care about server features/ladders/etc to play with their friends without worrying about the server state (be it instability or when however long down the road the project gets put down) . I can only see it as a benefit to have this option especially since it would prolong the games lifespan similar to how torchlight 2 was/is played by people still (even more so if offline mode mod support becomes a thing waay down the road)

So what are other’s thoughts on this? I’m personally fine with the server setup to avoid cheaters/hackers I would just like a way to play with friends that doesn’t require the server though.

I am a player that I enjoy playing alone, for myself, having the option to play OFFLINE is great! I don’t care about online at all, but you gave me an idea of ​​playing OFFLINE but with friends, it’s a good idea, but you should have your cons …

I can’t personally think of a real concerning big con to it, the people that want the ladders and more “online” feel will play their servers while the people that just want to or have to (due to poor connection) play solo/offline while occasionally playing those “solo” characters with friend would be able to do so at their own leisure when it works for them.

And a huge pro like I mentioned before is that when the server eventually runs it’s course and shuts down in however many years people would still be able to boot up p2p games with friends essentially extending the lifetime of the game quite a long time.

Biggest con that comes to mind is that there would be the possibility of piraters being able to play together (though if the p2p is handled through steam it’d be much much harder to do that) but usually people that pirate are either testing the waters before buying or wouldn’t have bought the game to begin with so I don’t think they should even enter the equation.

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