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Portal returning to unwalkable area

I was at the Lotus House and opened a Town Portal to empty my inventory and, then, when I got back to Lotus House, this happened:

Obviously, I couldn’t walk or do anything in this position, but I could open a Town Portal and get back to town (trying to use the new portal to return and see if the game would send me to a walkable place didn’t work, though).

I am currently on a Windows 10 Home 64 bits. The Forum is not allowing me to attach the Game Log, because I am a new user.

I also had this happen. Finished a quest but had to TP back to town to clean out the inventory, and when I went back through the TP this happened. Very shortly before going through the TP the first time I had had the dropped loot duplicating issue, not sure if they’re related. Windows 7 Home 64 bit, don’t know how to attach the log to this forum type

Also having this issue.

Was just exploring, went to town to empty bags, portal back and I’m outside of the map.

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