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Poll - How satisfied are you with the looting

Made a quick poll since I was really interested in statistics regarding the looting, itemization and stat polishing. This might even help the developers a bit to see if they are on the right track regarding this topic


Using this opportunity to bump the thread so it stays visible and possibly gets few more votes.

Regarding the crafting items, what do you fellows think of an idea where each forge click has slight chance of increasing tiers multiple times, this way you might get a chance to get for example two tiers for the instability of one, or in very rare occasions even more?

For example the ballpark percentages could be

  • 1 tier - 75% chance
    +2 tiers - 15% chance
    +3 tiers - 5% chance
    +4 tiers - 4% chance
    +5 tiers - 1% chance

This would in theory occasionally help with a slightly lower percentage of fractured items if you are lucky

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Voted :+1:

Visibility bump


voted my 2 pennies worth

Outside of nice tier 6-7 items with good rolls and a few nice uniques it’s pretty average overall. Some of the affixes are way too rare as well like the physical damage bleed affix for chest pieces. Hopefully the addition of legendaries solves some of these problems, but gear in general needs some umpf or better flavor added to them. Stuff like +2 riposte for vengeance or hits in a larger cone. Stuff you can build around and not just base stats and defenses.

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It would be nice to have some more interesting affixes than just +x% damage/protection/etc, though they have at least started down this route with the class-specific affixes on helm & chest. Even if they are very rare.

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I wanted to comment here as well as I don’t feel like the list of available answers really allowed me to answer the question that was asked.

I think that Looting, Crafting, and Affixes on Drops aren’t able to be polled by this single question.

As far as Looting goes: I dislike the fact that I can’t turn off Normal/Magic items. I, personally would much rather hide those items and spend time picking up Rare items or better. I understand that I can break down the Magic items for affix shards, but after a week or so of gameplay I have well over 2k shards, and I’ve stopped picking up blues all together. Having that many items drop on the ground and clutter the screen while you’re trying to kill off the last few mobs just adds to the visual clutter on the screen, and then if my mouse rolls over it during combat it pops the thumbnail of the item up and compares it to whatever one I’m wearing. Possibly a minor loot filter to have the ability to turn off what rarity of gear I can see normally with a hot key to bring everything back like Alt would substantially fix that issue.

Crafting: I FREAKING LOVE IT! I have engaged in the crafting system of LE ten times more than I have ever crafted in any other game I’ve played and I have about 6k hours on PoE in Steam and another 3-4k hours in the standalone client. The ability to scoop up a white item and roll whatever I want on it is fantastic. I love the freedom that brings to be so in control of what items you want/need. Not to mention it’s very easy to access!! I think the Fracture system is genius as well, as it adds the risk vs. reward element so that you can’t just have perfect gear. I would, however, like to see some more Glyphs to better assist you in the crafting process. I have had a few thoughts on this - A glyph that has a 100% chance for a successful upgrade no matter how much instability the item has (only usable once per item) so if I have crafted up to T4 on 3/4 mods on an item and pushed my luck, and my 4th mod I for sure want to get to T5+ I can use that glyph to ensure I get the upgrade instead of fracturing the item. Again, only usable once per item, and then the player would be unable to modify that item in any way except to shatter it. So no more crafting on it. This would be usable if you were trying to reallllllllly min/max an item. Alternatively, a Glyph that would randomize how many tier increases you got, but giving extra instability. Say I have really nice item that’s only missing 1 affix that I want to craft, this glyph could be 4-8 instability but have a chance to roll a Tier 2, 3, 4, or even 5 modifier to the item in a single go.

Affixes: Currently I haven’t played enough to really see ALL of the affixes that drop but I would agree with some of the other comments here that having a + to skills would be awesome! Or even a + to base damage of the skill would be really cool as well. It would allow for a lot more specialization!

I absolutely am loving this game, and I truly appreciate the hard work that’s gone into it! You guys are doing awesome, and I’m super excited for the multiplayer to come out!

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I actually was thinking about that and mentioned it below in my comment. I would love to see a Glyph added that does this, but with higher percentages than you have listed here. Have the Glyph drop be a lot more rare, and give you a higher chance to increase the tier of the affix by more than 1 at the cost of additional instability.

I like that idea, and/or let us trade in the lamer glyphs for better ones. Like maybe 10 of the lowest type to trade for the better one, and then 10 of the better one for the next…


The reason I made this poll is to see if players think the loot/craft system is enjoyable for most players, instead of making a topic about opinions and stuff the players would change, I got a clear percentage number of how satisfied the players are with what we have now.

I decided to quit the game myself, since I don’t find this system rewarding enough for my taste, I totally respect the developers decision to make it this way and I do believe there is a good amount of players who enjoy this type of system (as the poll numbers show, satisfied players are 15%-40% of votes), but luck based progress on this scale is not something I am fun of, and I never will be.

This is not really a reply so I can tell you if I want game to be like this or like that, the game is what it is.

By making this thread I wanted to see if there are people like me out there, who don’t enjoy the system we have at the moment, and the poll showed that a constant 50%+ votes don’t like it (one way or the other, perhaps just one aspect, or whole system in general). And these numbers can help developers see where they stand with it and if they should stick with it.

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Voted (and bumped in hopes others will vote).

Also, this makes me curious as to why 11th hour wouldn’t make more use of polls.

It really isn’t that hard if you are the appropriate level

bc the way of feedback doesn’t really have an explanation on peoples thoughts and no solutions

You are answering this question as if you know the answer. Have you actually heard them say this or are you assuming?

If the poll is worded smartly it can provide huge amounts of information. As it stands now they ask an open ended question and the thread goes to 150 replies in 3 days and half of those replies are llama8’s. I can’t think of a more inefficient way of gleaning public opinion than asking an open ended question in a game forum. How many times has Sarno had to split threads because they strayed from the original subject? How many of Kissme’s Doctoral thesis statements do they have to read through to figure out the player’s position on gender locked classes?

Polls don’t have to be the sole source of feedback either. Just a supplement to what they already have.

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He’s saying its nearly impossible if you don’t start out with two or three tier 5’s already.

I have 700 hours and I don’t think i made more than 2 tier 20’s.

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Because why is as important as what.

Poll: Why (insert question)
Poll: What (insert question)


How many t20 items did you make already? Honest question. How many did u make from a white one and how many from a higher tier one?

Just for normal comparison.

I mean, a lot of people say it’s fine, it’s not hard, I just want to know their success story/ statistic and probably proper strategy to make a T20 item.

Ofc next update will make it easier, but we are a still talking about the current system.