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Poisonous Vines from Eterra's Path count as dying on expiration for Mania of Mortality, but not for other on-death effects like Reclamation of Souls

The unique boots Eterra’s Path can summon Poisonous Vines, which have a fixed duration and go away when they expire. Currently, when they expire, they trigger the ward gain from the Mania of Mortality Acolyte passive, but not other effects that occur on minion death, such as Necromancer’s passives Reclamation of Souls or Putrid Retribution.

Video example

  • From 0:20 to 0:30, several vines expire and I gain no ward, indicating that Reclamation of Souls (which always triggers, rather than merely having a chance to do so) is definitely not working.
  • At 0:46, a vine expires and I gain 130 ward, the amount I gain from Mania of Mortality.
  • At 1:25, I manually kill a vine prior to expiration using the Sacrifice skill, and gain the 35 ward I would expect from Reclamation of Souls, indicating that it’s working with the vines, just not on expiration.

I’m not certain which of these is the bugged behavior - Trasochi over on the discord indicated that expiration is not supposed to count as death for minions with fixed duration (rather than minions whose health decays, like Wraiths), which would seem to indicate that the Mania of Mortality behavior is bugged and the Reclamation of Souls behavior is correct. Either way, though, I can’t see any indication from the wording that they should work differently.

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