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Poison Build Suggestions please

Hi guys,
I am currently running a Poison Lich and I would like to try a different poison spec, as I noticed poison is really strong - can you please suggest a good poison build?

Most of Boardman21’s builds are poison, try googling his builds on youtube (or on this forum).

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I understand the want/need for build guides, but man why not just try stuff out yourself? Pretty easy to respec in this game :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, I know, but nowadays I have so little time to play , not to mention test all things out for myself. so i would like to jump in and play a tested spec, but its just me. cheers!

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serpent strike primalist has potential for great dmg, given you have the low level unique polearm . or a decent craft

Primalist with scorpion/baby scorpion is ok as well if you prefer an indirect approach.