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PLEASE READ: Recent FAQs that the Devs are aware of and will be addressing

Hi all,

I have been seeing quite a few of the same few questions that have been asked in the forums as well as discord. Just want to compile some of these issues so that people can refer to these FAQs and know that the Devs are aware.

1. Do you get the same rewards/MTX/forum badge when buying the game through Steam and the Website?

Yes. The $35 Ardent Support Pack that you buy through Steam and the Website will give you the same exact content/rewards. There is a bug now that may prevent people who bought from Steam from seeing their forum badge and pets. Devs are working to resolve this.

2. I bought a Kickstarter/Alpha/Beta Pack but the cosmetic page says pets are not owned.//I bought a Kickstarter/Alpha Pack and after linking through steam the cosmetic page says pets are not owned.//I logged in in Beta and my pets disappeared. Is there something wrong with my account?

There is a bug at the moment with Pets linked to your account. It doesn’t matter whether you are logging in through Steam or the launcher. Nothing is wrong with your account. The Devs are working to resolve this.

3. My game always crashes in the Majelka Waystation/Catacombs/“Find the Artificial Waypoint” Quest.

The Devs are aware and are trying to fix this. In the meantime, many people reported that changing the master graphics quality to “Very Low” helps to resolve the crash.

4. There is no permanance to the zones.//When I teleport back to town and I return to the area my items are gone/the area resets.//Why does the zone reset immediately after I leave the area?

The Devs have said that this is not a design decision; increasing zone persistence is on the list of things to do, it’s just not something they’ve gotten around to just yet. But, by the next patch, the Devs will be adding “item persistence” - this means that when you return to the zone, items you have not picked up yet will still be on the ground (though the area/monsters will still reset). This is something they will continuously improve throughout Beta.

5. My game looks grainy and out of focus.//Game Resolutions reset whenever I restart the game.

The Devs are aware of the issue with game resolution. In the meantime, many people reported that switching to another resolution and then switching back to your native/default resolution usually does the trick.


The problem with the reward pack is that many people who bought the game from Steam(like me) never get the pack in the first place. How long will this be fixed?

Also what is up with “Failed to login to chat and ladder”? Yes, I can just ignore it and play but I also want to use other functions the game provided as well. There is a topic created specifically for this error in Technical Support but I don’t see any response from Devs

I am pretty sure they are aware of this and are looking to fix it. It’s just such a busy time for them with the huge influx of beta players. I understand your frustration but I hope you understand this is early access and these (indie) devs are still working their way round these issues, just give them some time (it’s barely a week since beta launch).

Thanks for the thread!

Stickied this to the top of General:

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Agreed. This point addresses this.

Remember, this is less than 1 week out of alpha (or maybe closed beta if one existed?). The game is still ~11 months from release. Bugs happen and will happen. Would you rather have your pet or more content? Give them some time. :slight_smile:

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I’ve found, the game doesn’t actually crash in these places, the problem is that it’s taking a very long time to load, and people get impatient and click all over the place–Windows doesn’t see it responding, and asks if you want to kill it. If you just let it sit, these maps usually load without problem.

I wish that typing a “?” into discord would force open this post, at least the first time


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