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Please, please, please: Make the monster corpses stick around!

Mysteriously evaporating corpses have been annoying me in every other game since I started playing in the early nineties. It completely breaks immersion for me. Surely it must be possible to make them just be there and bear witness to one’s accomplishments? Until they do, I’ll just have to stick with PoE because I know I’ll be perpetually bothered by this.

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I hope not. Dead enemy bodys are useless clutter it’s okay if they stay there while you fight but after they could just dissapear eaten up by their inheritent magic that is consuming them :p. Every little thing they can make so the game is less demanding widens up possible players with older rigs.

Even if bodies doing nothing but lying around would affect performance that much, that’s nothing a simple option checkbox wouldn’t fix.

I can’t see any performance issues. Your rig has to handle enemies when they move and use abilities and deal and take damage. So why should there be higher performance needed if they just lay around doing nothing?

In Arena you might have to cap the remaining corpses and let the older ones vanish. Otherwise you have a pile of corpses all over the place. But in all other modes there should be no issue.

This bothers me, too. Although this is not a game breaking issue for me that would stop me from playing. But I really would like to have the corpses remain. Better immersion.

Because the bodies still need to be rendered for no gameplay benefit.

So do all the corpse-vanishing animations.
And, come to think of it, all the grass too for example. There’s an option to turn it on or off, not because of any gameplay benefits, but because it enhances immersion and mood. Just like the bodies.

Yeah… But they were there before. So if your systems has no issues with computing moving enemies, why should it have problems with non moving enemies? It’s not that there are additional things to render than before.

There would be if/when new mobs come on-screen.

There would be also when you kite them to the next pack. It’s not that theres an infinite spawn of enemies. Theres a fix number on every map.

And for arena I already mentioned a corpse cap.

game cant handle math and calculations and proc effects with visuals going off, bad idea until we get th next HUGE performance update.