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PLEASE get rid of the broken/fragmented crafting items!

This system of crafting I NEVER saw in any mmorpg/arpg/mmo etc. This ruin all gaming/crafting experience …first of all my screen insanely overcome with gliphs/runes that i dont even care if there are items or not anymore ,and second is about RNG of how and were u can get ( if u can get) an item tier5/6 crafted how you like.

PUT Me grind 500 runes of critical or maybe 5000, but i want to know… if i got the item gliph that I like and the item to combine … MAKE it 100% sure it will work and that stat will go in that item no mater what.
dont let this system ( now is broke …try tomorow on another item with another aflixes etc)

dont make us grind daily just to want to smash the pc because we got the item we want to 3 stats tier 3 and BAM …sry item is BROKEN ??? no this is not the way to make people play each day in order to craft their gear.
this crafting system is very frustrating, and is not rewarding because people will stop crafting items and stay with them on lower tiers just because the fear of not break/fragment them.This is waht game want for players ?! to have half crafted items after so many hours of play…

Make us grind or make us try things but after hard work we want to be 100% sure of an outcome of a an crafted item …

PS imagine a blacksmith in real life that wana craft a fine sword …and he try to make it good but at 80 % broke… OK he try again and again …and after so many days he just quit or make a half good sword :confused:

I’m sorry but I think the fact that 4xt5 items are extremely hard to get is by design and as it should be, crafting perfect gear should be a super chase niche with high risk high reward. ARPG’s are all about chasing that “next big upgrade” and honestly attaining perfect gear should almost be near on impossible as long as it is not required to complete content. This is something POE does very well with the extreme rarity of “mirror worthy” gear but you don’t need mirror tier gear to complete all the content.

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i dont want to attain fast or easy high end gear …it is jsut this system is so frustrating, make it more normal more good and entertaining not just ruin items and hundreds of runes or gliphs and all the things about things that u are not sure about, this rng is insane frustrating.

is like ok I have this sword 3 stats tier 4…and then i want to upgrade …im sure it will brake but i say ok let it tier 4 !!! so were is the damn FUN ???
a player 4-5 tries of brake items that you like and consume so many gliphs you are just think sheet about crafting and just wait for a good epic item and stay with tier 3 stats on your gear…

as i say …make it insane hard to have that tier 5 full stat on an item , make people grind 500 glips but erase this thing with fracture items …

It is and should be very hard to get 4x T5 Affixes on magic items and if you choose to craft your current item always have a backup item spare before doing the crafting.

Crafting chances are very high for low/mid tier items so you can easily get items with all the affixes you want, just pushing them to the limit is very risky but rewarding. Those kind of gear on the otherhand is not neccessary to completely most, if not all of the content.

On top of that the system even tells you how are the odds %-wise, so its not a completely blind gamble

So in my opinion the crafting system in its basics is fine, it might not be perfect but at least it has some place in endgame which is often not the case for similar type of games

See I feel the opposite and I’m going to ramble about it now: I can take a calculated risk when choosing to spend a resource on getting/creating an item with the stats I want and improving those stats. So far I feel like getting 2 T5 affixes is simple and reliable. Moving to 3 T5 is dicey without a good base of affixes but doable in a fairly short period of farming and a few attempts. Then you have 4 desirable T5s as the longer chase with the ultimate chase being min-maxing the 4 affixes across all gear slots and the perfect base items. Those take a while and I only have a couple of bits of gear across characters that fit that.

It feels like I have a level of control over my progression towards gearing an endgame build compared to pure RNG found in most games as the main gear source. I can’t snap my fingers after grinding for 10 hours and have the exact item I want (where via trading I can in quite a few games if you’re efficient with your farming builds) but I probably have the resources to get 90% of the way there for one of my slots. Especially with how forgiving the runes make aiming for anything short of the perfect (or near perfect) best-in-slot-theory-crafted set of gear.

Also worth considering you can face roll the story difficulty basically naked if you’re actual core build is solid and you’re doing every mission in order (keeps you leveled enough to remove the impact of poor gear choices). I tend to level grabbing whatever items drop at random and don’t craft anything. Hell last character I forgot to pick up a helmet or equip a better belt until I finished the story because I was in auto-pilot and never really checked what I was wearing. Crafting feel like an endgame tool to really min-max a build rather than a core requirement for leveling, which is a reason I’m OK with it allowing me to get the right gear, but not the perfect right gear, in a reasonable timescale.


4xT5 is not that problematic in my eyes. If you have enough mats you can craft away. If you want a perfect roll things get spicy. Getting 4xT5 are first world problems.

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I strongly disagree with you on this one. This is the best crafting i’ve ever seen in any ARPG i’ve played.
Feels fresh and gives you a steady goal you can work toward to improve your character, while still allowing you to have a crafting agency during the “in between” steps.


Every Post i’ve seen you put in the forums not only bashes the game, but cant be said without a multitude of spelling/game errors. You cant get tier 6. No where near an unhealthy amount of runes/shards drop. Honestly if you find the game as bad as you keep ranting on about, why in the hell are you still playing. Obviously you enjoy the game, stop bashing LE, its amazing.

That’s a bit simple sorry. He may like the game but it’s okay to openly talk about the weeknesses he thinks the game has. There is a big difference between someone who played the game for some days, weeks or months. I still say crafting is easy if you have enough mats even if I’m unlucky as hell and only finished one full T5 craft since I play. I shouldn’t wipe my savegames that much after big patches ^^.

Luck is something bad when it comes to crafting. You learned how to do stuff and you use your trade. Meanwhile the idea of someone that works on something and you hear the sond of a dice roll in the backround on everything the person does is funny ^^. Crafting is like fighting against mobs with dodge. Sometimes you don’t even know you killed a mob with dodging becaus it just fell over and sometimes you ask yourself why this thing is still after you untill you played Whac-a-mole with it for 10 seconds.

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