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Please dont gate monolith behind the campaign!

Every game gates their endgame behind their campaign, its very annoying please find a way to allow us to go straight to monolith at lvl 1 if we wish!

Campaign is somewhat necessary because it acts as a tutorial for new people, and experienced players will always find ways to advance faster anyway.

Thats fine to keep it, but we need an option to skip it, they could leave rewards in there like skill points etc for the people that wish to play it, but after 9-15 characters…Ill pass. Im sure they will see the reason for this, they seem very intuitive, and other games have failed majorly on this issue, ie POE. I fall asleep for hours going through the terrible campaign.

Im with Loccoelf on this 1. Having done the campaign on over 10 characters already, its feeling a repetitive. If its your first character yes maybe require the campaign, but once you reached say a lvl 50 char on your account you have an option to just travel to the end of time on new chars and play the game from there. Diablo 4 will be implementing this type of gameplay. Campaign if you want or open world hunting if you dont. Obviously you are missing out on passives if you dont do the storyline, so there will always be an incentive, but should be able to have the option to just go back when you feel like it. It just offers another layer of “play the way you want”

May i note, that this is an ARPG, RPG= role playing game, its just as much as the roleplaying aspect as any other, and by not going through campaign u are missing out a big chunck of the roleplaying, maybe u guys arent into the RPG part, but the RPG part is a major part of ARPG’s. The acts are here to tell a story, to make a story with your new uniqe char, by skipping that and going straight to endgame, nerds like me dont get the RPG feeling that we love. And btw, Diablo 3 tried the model, and there was nothing more borring that using 5 minutes boosting a friend of yours from 0-70 and from 1-500 paragons in 5 minutes, thats just retarded, i get the feeling that u want more Open world rather than Campagin questing, what about mixing those together instead of being able to do END GAME in the early game??? if u force monolith to be accesable at lvl 5 for instance, u ruin the idea of it being an endgame thing, and for those who then get to endgame it wont feel as an endgame thing cause u where able to do it since lvl 5.


Yeah like he said! Give us a full equipped char with all achivements done so we go online and need to login once to begin the “There is no endgame reeee!” discussion.

IF and only IF there should be any way to skip the story it should be for every toon after the first one you played the whole story with. I get it after some time story running gets old but I realy don’t like another “Adventure Mode” substitute like D3 has it. Leveling should be a part of the experience combined with story telling you can skip if you wish at least from my point of view.

I don’t think it would be healthy for the game to have different leveling designs from the start.


I think something like that should fit the lore and be fair for everyone :

  • You can’t skip the campaign at each new season, you have to clear it at least with your first char of each season/league (or whatever they call it ^^)
  • For any other char, you have already access to all the waypoints you unlocked with your other characters in the current season.
  • All the passives points unlocked through the campaign quests are shared with all new characters. Maybe you could get those unlocked passive points on new characters gradually, for example one point every X level (instead of having all quest passives unlocked at lvl1).
  • Lore wise : you don’t play another character, you just are another yourself in a different timeline, you had a different life, you mastered another class etc…

In that way, I think it would still force people to clear the campaign for the first character of the season but also won’t deter people to make new characters if they don’t want to clear the campaign again.


I really really do like this Approach.

The way waypoints and skillpoint rewards are handled is up to the devs i dont mind if some of those are still locked behind stuff, but if i just wanna create a new character and try out some new build i can quickly start and if the character growths on me i still can do all the unlocking later.

Also i wanna bring up another idea here that i got from another arpg (Marvel Heroes)
In that game you get more exp for all of you characters for each cahracter hitting several Level Milestones.

Example: For Every Character you get to 100(or what ever max lvl will be) you get 25% more exp for your first character, another 15% for your 2nd characer on max Level, another 10% for you 3rd character on max lvl.

In case there will be some sort of endless Level System beyond max lvl, just give that exp Bonus until 100 and disable it when the character hit that max Level. So Players that wanna Focus on one character do not feel punished for less exp gain.

The game isn’t out yet and you think about possibilitys to make the leveling even worse then D3? I pretty much hope the devs say something like “Thx for the feedback but no thx!”. Why does everything need to be faster and faster and faster? Reaching level 100 isn’t even something that should happen to everyone all the time. The way there is pretty tiresome and a big time investment in the live version at least if I understood the devs correctly.

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If you want to keep your campaign and play through it 400 times you will always have the option, for those of us that know the RPG story by heart from playing 1000 times, we dont need to do it again.

Right, make the first toon run it, after that, optional.

Its not faster, its less boring and repetitive, you must be new to the genre? I have thousands of hours in ARPGs and I really think you should know better. After all, the first time you run you will be required to do the storyline, after that, its dealers choice. Why FORCE players to do the same thing over and over? That makes ZERO sense.

Look at D3 for example. it makes no sence to waste 2-3h untill you have leveled and your gear straight to start grifting. Time is a very valuable ressource when it comes to ARPGs and most of them force you to do tiresome stuff.
Still a lot of people say: “D2 best ARPG ever!” and they run the same crap 3 times just in different difficultys. Outside of D3 I don’t know any ARPG where you are able to hard skip story content.
It makes total sence for me to gate content in the beginning of the game because people will chew through it pretty fast anyway. There is nothing that’s worse then the feeling to have nothing to do even if the stuff is tiresome. I don’t talk about me or you loco but a big portion of players you shouldn’t forget about as well. There are even people out there that enjoy stuff like story in an ARPG :D. I totaly get your point and it’s valid but I’m pretty sure early shortcuts will only hurt the game.

What will hurt the game is following every other ARPG format. This game needs to be new and unique, and makes its own footprint on the community. If you are gated behind the campaign for the first run, that is enough.


As I said I get your point I just have another view on it. We can simply agree to diagree and wait for other peoples input instead of repeating us :wink: .

Vote for not having to do the campaign but gaining the passiv points otherwise!


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