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Please don’t nerf solely based on ladder

There are many other reasons a build could do well in ladder besides just being overpowered and I hope just being high on the ladder doesn’t shine a nerf light on the build. Seeing the top 10-20 ladder builds all being the same is one thing but sprinkles of other classes at the top I hope is ok as it allows us to tweak our builds to compete without fear of retribution. Here are some of the other things that may contribute to high ladder scores.

  1. Gear - having great gear and uniques are huge when it comes to high ladder scores and needs to be taken into account .
  2. Strategy - knowing how mobs react, when to kite, when to hide , when to rush, when to pot, is probably the single biggest reason for high scores.
  3. Gearing choices. Having 100% glancing blows is a must for high ladder scores and separates those who understand that part of the game and those who don’t. 99% glancing blows means nothing and is a waste just like “almost” having crit/crush taken off the table for tanks in old school wow.
  4. Player skill. This lends itself to ladder representation as well. When anyone can play a build and get to 300 plus there might be a problem but if 1 force guard or 1 shaman is up at the top and the next is 30 spots lower it could be skill or it could just be that the class isn’t that fun to play. ( I believe shaman is a blast to play but maybe it’s just me. )
  5. Specific class mechanics lend themselves better to doing well in the arena. Some spells / abilities just do better in arena . That doesn’t mean they should be nerfed or a play style should be nerfed if those skills are beneficial to the arena but not to other parts of the game.
  6. After taking all of that into account the build just might be overpowered and should be nerfed.

The ladder is a good way to get numbers where skills might end up. They have to act on behalf of those numbers because it’s the potential of the whole spectrum that needs to be balanced. After the time they need to get mages in a good place I simply have no high hopes that they get balancing done in a meaningfull way instead of a brute one.
For example the Werebear Druid is an easy new player friendly class with very little to take care of because you get a lot of bonuses from skills and the passive tree. They’ll gut him in the near future and we are back at “Play Sentinel or go home!” untill they buffed mages almost back to the point they where before the nerfs. It’s just like a rollercoster and it needs to be done in a better way or at least with more steps. A dev told us in short: If a class is overperforming 50% it’ll get nerfed by 50% at least. I hope I understand this wrong because every class should be balanced arround a good all over the place crafted T4 gear and not arround people who have mats and gear from months and months of play.

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