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Please change the graphics for the Blizzard node for Storm Totem:)

Although I love the skill, the graphics make it extremely risky to use late game, especially in hardcore. It makes dangerous skills a lot more difficult to see. Perhaps make it a lot lighter in transparency? Or whatever you feel is best but right now some skill/ground effects are quite difficult to see . The bright purple ones are somewhat visible which is nice but others are not:)
Maybe its just me though since I play at lowest graphics.

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It is slated for some changes, we are looking at options right now and we’ll probably have an update in a couple patches from now.


Thanks @Sirris I was just about to make a post about this with pictures :smiley: It is super bright and white, and the same effect is applied to enemies in the area, so it gets hard to see what is going on. And then if you add other skills like Thorn Totems with frost, or even Tornadoes, it ends up being a mostly white screen that you have no control over. The effect from Storm Totem with frost also stacks like 5 times, and it starts out fine, but in the end it is 100% white and the visibility is gone.
Maybe turn down the brightness/opacity, or have the graphical effect not stack at all.

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