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Please change Bear Roar ability!

I am testing Bear right now and I hate this Bear Roar ability. First of all, I thought it’s supposed to Taunt? The aoe Fear is horrible. It causes the enemies to scatter way too mouch, aggroing even more enemies and the pets can’t focus on killing the boss.

Whatever you do, please don’t cause the Roar to scatter enemies. Bear is a tank pet. It needs to GATHER the enemies so he can take hits and retaliate with Thorn.

My suggestion is to:

  1. Damage debuff on enemies
  2. Increase enemy damage taken
  3. AoE stun for 1-2s.

That ability will be changed in today’s patch.

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Awesome. And also, I find that Bear is not good at gathering aggro because it’s always the LAST to engage. Sabertooth and then the Wolves seem to get aggro more than the Bear.

We’ll be discussing bear aggro in today’s skill design meeting. Thank you for raising the concern :+1:

how did it go? can you make bear do more, and faster poison retaliate procs? it needs to do a lot more damage.

Bear does more. :stuck_out_tongue:

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