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Please add a pause function

This is just another thread to plea for the implementation of a pause mode.
With kids around at home it is really important to be able jump away from the computer at any moment. In Grim Dawn I just hit Esc, could go away from the computer to take care of the kids and return to pick up playing right at the same in-combat spot, . When I do the same in Last Epoch I will return to a dead character. And opening a portal instead feels just clumsy. :frowning:

Please implement a pause function and I am sure anybody with kids playing your game will approve of this.


For single player, absolutely, for multiplayer (when that’s added), obviously not…

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Yes, of course, I only meant single player

I also need this - same reason :slight_smile:

BTW: In GD you can also hit “Space” to pause :wink:

I had this exact post for this exact reason on my list of feedback to provide. +1 vote for pause because of kids, who now, are never out of the house.

100% yes please! I mean, 110% :grinning:

+1, good point! even though i have no kids :smiley:

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