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Playin the game from Steam

I just bought the game on steam and created an account on the website, but i didnt find any link to link both account (Steam & Last Epoch). This means i cant login with my Steam account (invalid username/password) or my Last epoch account which says (Ensure you have linked your steam account to a last epoch account by visiting link) And when i click this link it redirects me the last epoch website where i accept to log in ith my steam id but i doesnt do anything but bring me to homepage not logged in.

I found the solution afterwards, i copied the link where i was redirected and then i opened a new tab, went to last epoch website, logged in and then i put the link in the search bar to go to it and my last epoch account worked in game.

My guess is that the problem comes from the link doesn’t work (maybe sometimes or because i was using Chrome) if we aren’t on a session where we are already logged in.

I write this because i found a solution to make it work but it might discourage some people to play this game.

Thanks for the report, we’re looking for a way to fix this problem.

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