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Player Idea for Runemaster (WIP)

Important: I am well aware they have their own idea for the Runemaster, I just wanted to share a few Skill/spell ideas I had. Also, the numbers I am using are simply to help convey the idea of the specialization.
I will reply with abilities, which will contain Specialization and finish with a few relevant passive nodes that are tied to its specific mechanic. All will be added in this post with Spoilers.

Mana reserve mechanic:
Reserved ability hold unto a set amount of mana. reducing your available mana. This does not reduce your maximum mana. When mana becomes unreserved, the mana is lost and you can regain it as normal.

Mana Shield (Rune of Protection):
Reserver 10% of you maximum mana (skill disabled if you have >10%)
Gain the same amount as Ward
Upon reaching 0 wards your mana becomes unreserved.


  • Powered Shield (0/3)
    Increased reserved mana by 5%
    v____________________________________ v
  • Improved Shielding (0/2)_____________ Reflective Shield (0/6)
    Ward gain is increased by 100%______ 2% DMG ref while Mana shield reserves mana
  • Blast Shield (0/5)
    When Mana shield becomes unreserved, deal damage around you equal to 30% of lost mana
  • Area Effect (0/5)
    Increase AoE by 20%
  • Elemental Protection (0/5)
    Gain elemental resistance equal to 20% of reserved mana
  • Necrotic/Void/Poison Protection (0/4)-(0/4)-(0/4)
    Gain XXXXX resistance equal to 25% of reserved mana
  • Armored Shielding (0/1)
    Gain armor equal to 100% of reserved Mana
  • Maybe a Third option?
    Gain something on Cast or When Mana is unreserved. Feel free to help

Next unlockable skill

Rune of Magic (Damage is a fixed amount):
Reserver 20% of maximum mana. Periodically cast an elemental projectile towards an ennemy (Fire -> Cold -> Lightning). Each cast unreserve a fixed amount of mana until all the mana reserved by this skill becomes unreserved.


  • Lasting Rune (0/5)
    Reduce the amount of mana unreserved each cast by 10% per points
  • Rune of Icicle (0/1)
    The projectile damage is changed to cold damage (Cold -> Cold -> Cold)
  • Rune of Winter (0/1)
    The elemantal rotation change to be different Cold related status (Frozen Chance-> Chill -> Cold shred)
  • Frozen Rune (0/5)________________Chilling Icicle (0/5) ___________ Brittle Wound (0/5)
    Adds Freeze rate mutiplier ##% __ Increase Chill chance by 5% __+# Shred stack
    v______________________________v _____________________________v
  • Shattering Tomb (0/5)___________ Ice Shards (0/2)_______________Lingering Cold (0/5)
    Frozen target +2% crit chance ___Cast +# extra shards __________Cold DoT Stacks
    ______________________________> v <
    ______________________________* Sharp Ice (0/1)
    ______________________________ Projectiles Pierce
  • Concentrated Rune (0/5)
    Increase the damage by 25%
    Increase the amount of mana unreserved each cast by 15% per point
  • Rune of Fire (0/1)
    The projectile damage is changed to fire damage (Fire -> Fire -> Fire)
  • Infernal Rune (0/1)
    The elemantal rotation change to be different Fire related Status (Ignite > Spreading flame > Fire shred)
    v ________________________ v ______________________________v
  • Intense fire (0/5) _________ Fan the flames (0/5) _____________ Combustible (0/5)
    +50% Ignite chance ______ Increase dmg to Spread Flame ___ +# shred stacks
    v _______________________ v ______________________________ v
  • Melting point (0/5)_______ Fuel the fire (0/5) _______________ Lava imbued (0/5)
    +20% fire DoT ___________ Increased Duration +25% _______ Penetrate 5% Fire
    ________________________> v <
    _______________________ * Explosive Bolt (0/1)
    _______________________ Projectiles Explode
  • Fleeting Rune (0/5)
    Increase the Cast speed of the the Elemental projectile by 20%
  • Rune of thunder
    The projectile is damage is changed to lightning damage (lightning -> lightning -> lightning)
  • Rune of storm (0/1)
    The elemantal rotation change to be different lightning related status (Shock -> Spark chance -> Lightning shred)
    v ________________________ v ________________________ v
  • Paralysing Rune (0/5)______ Discharge (0/5) ___________ Conductivity (0/5)
    Adds 10% stun chance ___ Adds 10% spark chance ___ +# Shred stack
    v _______________________ v _________________________ v
  • Muscle shock (0/5) ______ Empowered Spark (0/5) _____ Destructive Thunder (0/5)
    10% chance to slow _____ Spark damage by +20% _____ Inflict Shred Armor stacks
    _________________________ > v <
    ________________________ * Chaining Rune (0/1)
    ________________________ Each cast chain to +# extra targets

So far, this is what I have in term of Runemaster Idea.
I think I need 2 more skills before I go into the Main class bonus.

Remember, the number I used are just here to help understanding the idea of the skills and their repective specialization. “This is too powerfull and should be reduce to 12.5%” will not be taken in cosideration when editing posts.

Skill unlocked by class pick

Rune of Power (toggle ability):
Reserve 5% of your maximum mana per second, granting you a stack of Runic power each second. Runic power grants a bonus adaptive spell damage ( +3 Adap dmg) and speed (+1 % cast/attack/move speed). Upon reaching 100% reserved mana, all mana used by this skill
becomes unreserved, you lose all stacks and the skill is disabled until full mana is reached.


  • Empowered Elements (0/5)
    Runic stacks also give bonus elemental damage (+1% per points)
    I’m a bit uninspired in term of offensive boost. I’ll leave it open for ideas
  • Armored Rune (0/5)
    Grants +#% of damage reduction when you have stask of Runic power
  • Rune of retribution (0/5)
    Runic power also gives you retaliation (+1% per stacks)
  • Rune of Health (0/5)
    Runic power also gives you health (+1 per stacks)
  • Healing Rune (0/5)
    Whenever you gain a stack of runic power, you are healed by #% of health
  • Regenerative burst (0/1)
    When you lose Runic stacks, you gain the same amount as regenerative stacks until your mana is full. Regenerative stacks grant you +1 health regeneration.

This is what I have so far for the Runemaster class. I will try to finish the Rune of Power skills, but my inspiration is running dry.
Also, I don’t want to hype myself on these ideas too much since they probably have the entire class designed.
This is 100% made for fun, but if it inspire 1 or 2 skills/unique items, all the better.

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