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Pick your poison - SC or HC?

Hey everyone! Just wanted to see where the LE playbase stands on this. Which do you prefer and why? Personally, I love HC and have enjoyed playing LE HC tremendously. I come from PoE, where HC was masochistic as hell in my experience. I have yet to be instagibbed and let me tell ya, it feels refreshing.

So how about you? Will you be rolling SC or HC come beta?

Ill be starting sc to figure out new mechanics and to learn possible bugs / new enemies and encounters then all hc:)

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I’ve only played a bit of the pre-alpha demo, so since I know little about the game, I’ll be going softcore. But I plan on giving hardcore a go later on.

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I’ll be rolling SC as I’m new to the game as of last week, so only had a little bit of time with the alpha.

Want to play around with builds and such in SC.

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Mostly Hardcore for me, personally.

Come release I’ll have mostly softcore online characters and hardcore offline characters. I do enjoy playing Hardcore - though would never do so exclusively - but I’ve a mostly fine ISP who sometimes performs maintenance while I’m playing late in the evenings. And as anyone who plays Hardcore will attest - that’s never a fun way to go! :frowning:

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I’m hoping for the feel of that uneasy. death around any corner moment from HC Diablo 2. HC it is for me.

There is just also something resolving about having your character die and it disappear forever never be able to be accessed.

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Hardcore all the way here :slight_smile:
I’ve been mostly softcore on other games with bits of HC here and there… and have surprisingly converted to HC only trough Last Epoch’s alpha. Enjoying it greatly so far

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Ill see you in hc! We chatted a while back when we were trying to distinguish prefix/suffix’s :stuck_out_tongue: Appreciate the early help!


Am I right in guessing the only difference between offline and online will be leaderboards and trading? Will playing offline remove any other mechanics? And I feel ya, I lost my only level 99 in PoE to my ISP pulling the plug at 1 am while I was in a pack of bearers :frowning:


Same, its been a while since I have really got into HC, and Im loving it in Last Epoch. Im not sure what other games you have played, but it seems a lot of the bs one shot mechanics are not present, either that or the game does a good job at telling me when to abort. Im cool losing my character, Im not cool knowing my character will eventually rip to complete nonsense.

SC for the first toon to learn the mechanics. Then I’ll be diving in the HC pool very shortly thereafter.

It is such a difficult decision. HC is fun, but completely losing the character is harsh. But that’s in PoE where there are many unfair 1-shots. I have hopes LE will be different in this matter :slight_smile:


I totally feel ya! I played the hell out of betrayal, first league I got 36/40 challenges, and I still cannot tell ya what the hell each syndicate member does when they instagib you do to the 1000 on screen effects. Those are the deaths that none of us will stand behind. My only hc rip in LE alpha was playing as a necro and I jammed myself between mobs in arena, so totally my fault. I feel they will do us right!

Yeah that’s the reason I like it here, as mentionned by @fknflo. There are quite less oneshots. Now there IS some spike damage here and there, but its both communicated well (and/or you can learn it and then be careful from there on :slight_smile: ) and the spike itself is not as high (if you take 10 to 100 dmg in average , you might encounter a 600 or 900 hit, but probably not a 8000 one). Now there are still dangerous things but I find myself able to identify them, recognise them and then either be brave and foolish or safe and coward ^^’ .
Lastly here and there I’ve died to stuff I didn’t know, and then later on never again, and that feels great (this “I’ve been there / I know what not to do” feeling of progression)

Mostly HC for me, maybe a run or two in SC during the beta to feel the game.

Weirdly enough i played D2 and PoD as HC but refuse to touch PoE in HC

But im pretty sure im going HC.

SC, and I hope there will be good trading like in Diablo 2. In PoE all my items just end up in standard league rotting league after league.

SC, I like to relax while playing :massage_man:

Hardcore and solo hardcore machoistic when I want more of a challenge.I love the feeling you get playing on hardcore death really means something.If the servers/lag kills me more than a few times I will be moving on and trying a different game.

Since my D2 HC paladin died 10% before hitting max due to a disconnect I never touch HC again it’s simply to stressfull ^^.

SC all day long, mostly because I just dont have the patience for HC. SC is also great for trying new builds etc.

SC, if it will be anything like Diablo II, I may go into hardcore.