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Pets Attacking

New Patch and same old pets running off to do whatever the hell they want. I restate my feedback that they should attack what I am attacking unless I tell them to do otherwise. I still wish they would go back to how they were before the “big change” to pets.

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Can we at least have the ranged ones like the Spriggan stay back and cast at the enemies and not so gun ho to run to their death every 5 seconds like the rest of them STILL are.

Was this a Patch issue? Because I got back to Last Epoch some days ago, playing various Pet Primalists and a Necromancer, and apart from Skeleton Rogues I didn’t notice too crazy behaviour. Especially my Spriggan does stay back, as does the bear once he has his Briar Thorns.
The only Problem I still have is that my pets don’t leash back to me after X distance to me, often getting stuck in random fights along the road and falling behind.

No they still do it. It is more about them running off on their own when there is a good number of enemies on screen. Instead of attacking what you do they will more often then not just go do their own thing. This isn’t as big a deal in normal play and is more an issue in Monoliths and Arena were them going in alone will get them killed.

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