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Pets and the Arena


So if you are not going full pet mode and stacking only pet crafts then the Arena is going to chew through your pet in no time flat. Is this how it should be EHG? If I am going posion or bleed and not focusing fully on crafting pet gear is it just to bad? Even the bear with full skill points in its life and armor nodes gets eaten alive in about five second. I can’t imahine how fast the scorpion for a poison build is going to dye. So I guess I am wondering is this how it just is?


Even with Minion Gear your Minions fall like flies after some waves, it’s a general problem currently.
There might be some nodes needed like “Your minions gain 50% of your protections” or vice versa… something to alleviate the problem that you always need to make yourself durable as well as your pets since there always are stray enemies or AoEs that hit you… additional to giving your minions damage stats.

Pet builds fall off late-game at the moment.


Yea they are not in a great place late game. Hopefully they are working on something to make them a bit more durable as they are not so much right now.

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