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Pet special abilites while in WB

Is this just something we sacrifice for having the pet out and be in the Form?

I assume devs want to preserve the 5 active keys limit.
Hmm, maybe devs should add nodes like “wolves howl when you roar”, “bear roars when you do”, “sabertooth swipes when you ravage”. Not sure what to do with spriggan though.

This is actually a pretty cool idea, and it looks pretty easy to add in the Were Bear skill tree !

But when you think about it the 5 button is already not preserved by the fact of having the pets out. They are a button themselves technically but they stay out and add dmg to your build and their button are gone and you have the Werebears buttons to use now. I am ok not having the pet abilities to be honest most seem to never remember to use them anyway.

Well I still say druid should’nt have one companion nodes and should be the no pet class of the bunch even if this might not be popular arround the “Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee petclass!” crowd ^^.

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