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Pet Reverse Leash Range

Hello all. I finally bought this game last week and got to the Monolith end game in about eight hours of play time. Fun so far! There were a few gimmicky one shots along the way but nothing too bad, and it was mostly too easy as a Druid just one shotting everything with Leap but still fun.

Anyway, a major source of survivability can come from the Spriggan pet which is pretty unique and cool in an ARPG. I love the talents like a healing nova post-roots. The problem is, my Spriggan NEVER follows me around. I’ll hit tab to bring up a bigger map and his dot is nowhere, yet his hp bar is full. I think he gets stuck fighting enemies unlike the sabertooth that will eventually come to my side.

I’m not sure if reverse leash would be the proper term but the pet needs to drop whatever they are doing and come within character range if the two units get a certain distance apart.

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