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Pet redo


Yea Necro pets are leaps and bounds better. The archers and wandering spirits and wraiths just donway to much dmg compared. Plus it isn’t a chore trying to heard the wraiths.


You can get one additional companion slot without downside in the wolf tree.
But yeah, the downsides seem overly punishing for what an additional pet brings to the table.
The companions would have to be way stronger to make those passives worth it.
I think nerfing the downside would help a lot already. Instead of halved, you could reduce it ny 20% for example. That would make it at least an option.


I think the thematic differences between the Acolyte and Beastmaster are a really fun and compelling dynamic to bring to the game. Class identity is one of the major appeals Last Epoch brings and I hope we continue to see more and more of it. I recently listened to the interview Ghazzy did with Rob and they briefly discussed how some class asymetery is required for there to be a real thematic difference between classes (and I completely agree).

I think the distinction between different types of summoners is great and something I never thought much about, but having a class more closely tied to its summons is a great idea.


Thematics means zero when they can have an army of wraiths out with no down side and they murder everything on screen. Being different is one thing theybare already different. No one said anything about them being the same at all. What people are bringing up is how much more powerful Necro pets are. I question if most have played either and just come here and parrot what the Devs have said.


I haven’t played necro with pets and only played a little Primalist (went Druid) at that, so I don’t mean to negate any feedback others have given. They should of course both be balanced. I was just saying I’m glad there’s a difference, not that there’s no problems to be addressed :slight_smile:

Edit: My Acolyte is a Lich and I went the melee reaper route, so the only pets I use are the golem mainly for the life on hit it gives.


Yeah, noone wants to make the beastmaster just a “nature necro”. And since all the pets remain singles, apart from the wolves, you can have ~8 maximum (9 with the helmet), and then you wouldn’t have any other skills and your wolves would be rather weak (because the nodes for more wolves are costly skillpoint-wise).

The problem is, that even to get to 3 companions, you have to take wolves with you if you don’t want HEAVY downsides through your passives. And then you’d already have 2 wolves, so just one other companion slot :smiley:
To really feel like a Beastmaster, I think they should aim for ~4-5 companions. I personally wouldn’t have a problem with downsides for yourself as trade-off for more companions, but if you can only get more companions by heavily nerfing all of them, it kind of defeats the point.


Thanks for the feedback everyone, we’ll be discussing Companions again at our next meeting.


This constant everything has to have a negative stuff baffles me. No other game with pets does this. Look to the pet builds in GD those are so fun and you know what no negatives.

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