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Pet redo


Mid Level Overview of passives/build/skill tree gear etc. Very raw video, sorry:)

Note: The shock chance node from swipe appears to not be working :frowning:


I look forward to seeing how high you can go with that. :blush:. But I still campaign for the negatives of having more pets to be gone or at the very least less.


You mentioned the Shaman tree for Lightening dmg for having s totem out I think still plan to go into that this time?


@Sirris thanks for the video the pets trees are more or less jut how I had them. The passive as well just a few moves about. I guess Serpeent strike as much as I like it just isn’t good enough like it is right now.


Do you think your swing attack is doing most of the dmg and the pets are kind of just there for most of it?


My swipe only does like 250ish damage. I have to hit things for my pets to do full damage though or I wouldnt even bother and just hang back heh.

Heres a video doing some waves at lvl 62 wave 220 to 230


I guess I meant more does it feel like you have killed stuff before the pets even get to them. Yea that negative of the second node bleh. Although it is better then the no regen one if you ask me. But I still rather no negatives :blush:


@Sirris do you stream by chance?


You didn’t watch the second video…not gonna answer things that are clearly answered by watching it:)

I don’t stream because I feel like youd be the only one watching if at all haha. But maybe I’m wrong.

I think the negatives are fairly balanced, beastmaster is very strong still when played correctly. Not as strong as some other classes (cough Forgeguard cough).

Currently number 6 on sc waves ladder and counting. Deathless so far.

PS not implying forgeguard should be nerfed, it just has a bunch of really powerful options where beastmaster is a lot more limited.

I’m currious to try a thorn totem attunement based caster/minion hybrid though. Could be really good but not sure I’ll get to it until a lot later. The flat cold damage nodes added to thorn totem make it really appealing. The downside is attunement is a pretty weak stat defensively compared to other stats… 5 flat ele protection is pretty bad when t5 ele protection is available as a suffix at very high values on every piece of gear. Str on the other hand replaces % armor increase, which is a prefix.
Hope youre reading this devs:)

To continue my free form rambling, I do love the game play feeling of beastmaster at this point though. Theres a lot of strategic value on when and where I choose to spend my time melee attacking which is why i like to attack speed bonuses on swipe. Basically i try to flank really strong mobs behind my minions to draw fire, get some hits in, distract the damage then get out. Very rewarding compared to the ultra passive summoning style in previous patches.
I do worry that when pet skills are implemented there may be too much to do at once unless the ui is super streamlined.


After signifcant play testing I feel the best build would actually be a 4 wolf build. If only I didnt need the fang amulet for the 4th wolf. Wolves are just better late waves than other pets.

Soooo you can still be a pack leader and kick ass;)


I watched them both and I am very appreciative of you making them. I think you would be surprised if you streamed for a bit. For gear/crafting strength, leech, glancing blow, minion stuff best to focus on?


Should craft strength for sure its the best stat. You need a good amount of minion damage on your gear and some glancing blow is very helpful and becomes more and more helpful as you get higher in waves. I ended up dying at 500+ ish waves but wasnt trying to optimize gear on this build really. Glancing blow is incredibly good late waves as it scales down damage. But mainly you want to balance your defensive stats with your offensive ones so you dont die but still kill stuff:P


@Sarno can you share any of what the +1 pets but no regen node is changing into by chance?


I know Beta is around the corner but any chance a Dev can pop in with anything they may have decided from the thread or anything that is changing?


I hope some of these things are changed or in for beta.


They will post allllll the changes ahead of the time. Patience my friend:)


Here’s my opinion so far after only playing a couple days, level 40ish.

Wolves seem fine.
Sabretooth I didn’t play around with much but sounds good.
Vale Spirit seems very buggy. It constantly stops targetting enemies and needs to be resummoned. On top of that it can be killed and has no skill tree. It does seem to do fairly decent damage though for single target.
Spriggan’s damage seems a little low. The spell branch that gives extra orbs isn’t too bad but the one that shoots them all in the line is overly punishing. 60% less damage is a lot and for 3 points you’re only doubling it’s single target damage on that one skill without any real benefit. I’m used to seeing triple-digit numbers and watching it shoot for 9 if really sad.


I still don’t like the half regen node. It is still horrible when you take it. I would rather wait for one of the uniques then take this. Maybe once healing wind has a tree might not be as bad.


Or if the heal and double damage skill can effect multiple pets that might be good.


Man, I was really excited to try BM pets after getting necro to 40…yeah, being punished for getting more pets is a giant turn off. I guess I’ll go back to necro. RIP primalist.