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game feels great in terms of gameplay loop, skill tree depth, content and so on.

But in terms of performance it’s pretty bad at the moment.
I’m aware it’s beta - just want to emphazise that Last Epoch won’t be well received
if peeps with 2060 rtx drop down to 20 fps on Medium settings :sweat_smile:

I hope the engine offers alot of breathing room for optimization.

I’m personally running a 1660ti with low/medium settings, telling myself
“this game doesn’t look good enough to drop me below 25 frames”.

Besides that it’s been a nice experience running thru the story, conquering the Arena and whatnot. Getting a little bored by now, but will be there on release.

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I have a 1660 Super and have the same issues, try setting the game to 1080 resolution if you havent already it almost doubled my FPS.

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hi, same problem.
i7 9700k rtx 2060 16g ram samsung 970 evo pro, medium setting .shutter fps sometimes when too much on the screen.

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same problems here.


“Hand of Fate” had similar problems at start, using a different version of the same engine. The performance gain after release more than doubled fps for me even in higher settings. It was a very nice, polished game in the end. So I’m confident there is enough room for improvement, but i really hope EHG doesn’t fall into the same trap as Defiant. You just don’t get a second first impression from gamers.

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