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Performance issues: skill design vs technical problem

Hi there,

here is a short demonstration of some performance issues with my Void Knight:

I’m not an expert by any means and I’m aware of the fact, that the game is still in beta. The developers have made significant progress in terms of Last Epoch’s performance - especially with the last patch. The clip demonstrates some issues that need to be solved.

The question I want to ask is whether those are purely technical problems, or if the skill design is causing issues on its own.
I’m personally a big fan of the unique design of the Void Knight and the skill echo mechanic. I also enjoy the 35+ pets that Necromancers can have active at once. However I’m not sure I know of an existing game, that is able to handle this number of pets/repeating spells. I’d guess that the huge amount of hits generated by repeating AOE abilities causes some of the framedrops.

Do you think the mechanics need to change to provide a smoothers performance on all classes?
Should this even be a goal, as players can still decide to choose different classes to play and skills to use if they are unhappy with the performance?

Have a nice evening everyone.

Edit: system specs: i7 4770k, RTX 2080, 16GB Ram, game on SSD and played at 1440p

Yes, anything with lots of AoE hits (Devouring Orb) that proc ailments (Future Strike in your case, but ignite/poison/etc are probably the same) can really slow things down. My build is the same but worse, due to the large number of AoE hits from Shield Throw in addition to all the hits from Devouring Orb proccing Future Strike.

It’s not the repeating skills per see that’s the problem I think, but the large number of calculations all of the AoE hits require/produce.

There are improvements regarding performance with every patch so I’m positive LE will be able to handle this. A year ago I could hardly play with my necro and 20+ minions. Not only framerate was low but also the sound started to freak out. Today I have very less issues with 40+ minions.

Performance is worst for me with my Shield Throw FG when my ST ricochets from my forged weapon minions and proc their lava burst.

The effects should get optimised.

It’s not necesssarily gfx effects, it can also be the number of calculations such as in the OP’s video.

Necromancer’s Blood Rip also seems to dip the framerate a tad especially if you build it for speed and spread.

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