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Performance issues since last patch

Yesterday I posted a topic about graphical issues since the last patch.
See post Graphical issues since patch

Since the patch Ive been experiencing frequent crashes. If Im not crashing, it feels very laggy.
and studders a lot. My character doesn’t move when I tell him to at times. Im sitting there getting pelted by ranged attacks when I want to teleport forward. The ability is not firing off, yet im smashing the keyboard. This is not how it worked when I leveled a sorc just 1-2 weeks ago.

Combined with the other topic I posted, something broke with this patch.

There seems to be an issue with textures, there are not applying (settings), same with other stuff too, even the forums is broken.

I’m getting the same thing with Marked for Death on my Lich. It feels more like a cooldown was introduced, but I’ll have to look at it more when I get home. I have no crashes and I am on a very old system with a 1080, but I started getting some freezing, which is possibly just a new skill. I’ll need to see if my druid is getting anything as far as skill lag/freezing.

game has too many crashes and performance issues since patch,
i guess it’s onto something else till this is fixed and the next era is implemented

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I’ve only experienced a little stuttering since the last patch. However I have noticed that gpu usage on same settings as before, has jumped up about 35%. No spike in temps or anything like that though. Other than that I’ve only noticed maybe an avg of fps drop by 15 or so frames. I’m still sitting at 145 - 175 depending on how much is going on on screen. I only adjust shadows and resolution when I log in, and then put them back right after.

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