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Performance issues on laptop with 2080 Max-Q


Hey developers. I have a strange issue.
Game running on RTX 2080 but i have 15 FPS on high settings (graphic card loaded at 95%);
Is it how it supposed to be?

Hope you have idea what can be wrong :frowning:

Beta 0.7.1b Patch Notes

Hi there,

Could you please show us a DxDiag to help us investigate this?


I apoligize, can’t upload txt file because of site don’t allow me in case of i’m new user


Could you link us to it on another website such as Pastebin?


Sure, here it is



Can I check whether this is while the laptop is plugged in or using the battery?


While plugged in


I just tried to run Launcher with Nvidia card instead of running game by Last Epoch.exe with same driver.
Now i have about 50FPS.


Thanks for the update! That sounds much closer to what we’d expect for that hardware.

Hopefully the optimization work done for Patch 0.7.2 improves your FPS, too :slight_smile:


By the way this patch added about +20 fps on Maximum settings for me. Great job, thx :slight_smile:


I’m glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

We’ll be continuing to work on optimization, and it’s been a bigger focus for us recently than what it had been previously. We’d like framerates to be much improved for release.


Glad t hear :slight_smile: By the way, just teleported to locatioin “Lagonian Port” and now have only 24 FPS.
Telling this just in case if this information probably can help somehow :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Just found that changing settings doesn’t affect on FPS at all. From max setting to Medium - still 22-24 FPS


Thanks for bringing that to our attention!

I’ll ask QA to check performance in that location to see if whether it has been addressed yet.

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