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Pause and offline campaign play

Hi guys
First of all, thanks for Last Epoch, it’s becoming a great game.

I have two suggestions i think are essential, and, in my opinion, would improve gameplay a lot.
First is the option to really pause the game, when we open the menu, or the game goes to background. I often for a bit in work pauses, and i don’t quit the game, so it would be great to pause it, so that when i return to it, my character didn’t got killed

The second suggestion is the ability to play the game without being online. For example, last week there was a problem with the net in my neighborhood, and i was almost a week without net, so no Last Epoch for me. To me, that’s a big problem with many games today. If I’m playing a single player campaign, there should be no need to be online.

Hope you consider these suggestions.

Keep up the excellent work



Big true

Blame human nature for no offline modes on games. It turns out if there are no consequences to your actions people will steal and not think twice about it.

You can play offline, found out by accident today when my modem turned off.

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