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Some places have notable pathing issues, such as doorways and areas with pillars/structures, but one such place wasn’t the Lotus Halls. Until the current patch. And it’s ABSURD how terrible pathing is working on it right now.

You can see exactly where you “can’t” click to walk (next to walls to the left of the screen most of the time). Right where their shadows are, I would say. And when you click/mouse-over-while-walking them, you don’t hit nearby walls or just stop walking, the character tries to go north for some reason.


This is one of the spots. (I kept running around to see if it was consistent, and it is.) On this particular one though, the character tries to go near the wall. But there are many others where the character tries to go to the other side of the room.

Edit: Found another two very close to the first one, added for more info, essentially the whole area around that cobbled path, except near the door close to the statue.

P.S.: Sorry for terrible marking, but it’s enough to show where I’m pointing.

Thanks for the report! We replaced all of the objects in that zone for this patch so there’s probably just a few elements that aren’t set up properly.

No worries, happy to help!

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