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Path of Building Style Program

Is there any plans on implementing a path of building style program for the game? Either by third party programmers or from the devs themselves? Just like a nice program where we could input builds/items/passives, and calculate DPS and such from it. Would be really really cool and helpful.

I like path of building so much, so it would be awesome to have for this game! Is it the sort of thing a person with no programming ability can attempt? If so, we could try to build a simple version…

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this game doesnt need such a thing. poe you can’t compare with there are a couple of simple builds & thats it.poe got tons of builds /character & much much more items.Last epoch is far from beyond ready,they need to improve allot of gear,maps,story,characters,etc…

You have more choice in this game then in PoE. Yeah for real, look at PoE bulds… you always have the same basics of xyz HP pool and shield. Only some keynodes change up the pace of the game. Sure people can say “Nah there are 20 different builds only for Whirlwind!” and that’s true but there are finaly only 3-4 builds for WW the elemental and physical one and maybe some I missed. Within these builds only some points differ.
PoE is blaoted and artificaly made so it looks complecated but the game itself forces you to cap resis and have at least xyz HP and/or shield or you die 24/7. There is nothing complicated about PoE builds when you understood this.
In LE you activleychange the function of skills. Look at the mimimi threads of people who say the don’t have enough mana because their skills are exspensive with the mage class. They have Focus and freecast from teleport and should have 0 issues with mana, they just need to think that far because with pushing the manacost of spells they limit them selfs. All the possible skill interaction in LE is a great thing compared to PoE speedclear meta that mostly uses only 3-5 builds that are valid each league. I realy like PoE but it’s not that big and beautyfull like people make it.


true true,but im speaking of NOW.the game is still in beta i can maybe come back at your question when game is fully released :slight_smile:

It all comes down to taste :). Some people say “Diablo 2 is the best ARPG there is” and I’m okay with this while I look at D2 and see a dinosaur that noone would touch today because for most people it would be a devolution in gaming.
Same goes for every other game and I’m happy if people found games they like to invenst hundrets of hours into.

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I dont agree at all theres no way at all to currently calculate your DPS unless you do some very very serious math, a PoB style program would allow you to plug your whole build in and auto calculate DPS only one person has to figure out the formulas once and then no one needs to even do it again they just need to plug data in. There’s also still a ton of different modifiers in this game and a ton of conditionals built off the passive skill trees that need to be taken into account.

I also thought about that as well. I’m not sure how technically demanding the programming would be I think the real groundwork that needs to be done is the math side of the program and all the formulas that need to be put into the program. That being said I know actually nothing about programming so I could be so unbelievably wrong please no one quote or fault me on that.

We also don’t know the base damage values for almost all skills. So it’s gonna be hard until we know those.

1 point in a skill and hit the dummy 1000 times, 2 points in a skill and hit the dummy 1000 times and so on and so forth. If you do this naked there should be no problem with stats interferring. It only get’s problematic with the higher tier spells :smiley: . We need to find possible builds without skilling any dmg nodes and this might be a problem ;).
On the other hand I’m pretty sure in the final version we’ll see the dmg numbers. I think those aren’t there yet because they may be changed every patch behind the scenes to balance stuff.

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Hehe yea have fun with that :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes advanced skill tool tips are planned, with damage numbers, for Phase 2.

The devs also have plans for an in-game build planner at some point. Probably not before release though.

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Ooooooo an actual in game planner, thats really really nice.

While this thing looks good for veteran players. But, seems something negative for devs.
Look at how Chris hired that PathofBuilding guy to stop him from keeping his app up-to-date.

He hired the guy not to stop him from keeping the app up to date but so that he could work more closely with him and help to develop things for the app that can more accurately calculate damage for things that we were currently missing in the game. Certain builds were impossible to calculate damage for but now that hes working more closely with Chris and the rest of GGG we have even more data and can calculate damage for builds we never could before you need to check your facts. Not only that but PoB is still up to date and running.


There has been a noticable slow down of patches since GGG hired the PoB guy. New or reworked items can take up to 2 leagues to make it into PoB now. You can check it right now by looking at the femur of the saints item, or trying to make calculations about desecrated grounds effects on enemies. I’m not willing to speculate on the reason for this, but I can suggest why the purchase of PoB and its intellectual capital was a superb move:

I think the real value in PoB, (Path of Building) or the Last Epoch equivalent is that you can crowdsource your balance team. Tens of thousands of players checking item/skill/passive combinations might just be able to keep up with the permutations of these complex games, and would give you the parameters of the fix you need. A 24 man team has no hope at all.

To clarify, if I’m heading a balance team, and I want to check the effect of a new item, I can run it through 10K PoB simulations in a minute or I can ask my overworked intern to manually test it on 3 builds per day. All the PoB builds that players create, especially the ones that turn out to be uneappealing and not viable, help me to balance the game for the next patch.

If the item is underpowered, no one is using it in live builds, so I can’t see clearly how to modify the item but not to overbuff it, unless I make use of the data generated by a build planner.
If I have 10K PoB simulations available, I can see how 10K builds using the crappy item compare with 10K builds using a currently existing item, or even the proposed modifications to the crappy item. It makes it much easier to decide what specific numbers are ‘balanced’ on the mods of that item.

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