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Patch Preview: Beta 0.7.1



When will skills that - as of now don’t have specialization trees - start having them? I admit I was disappointed to level up characters of multiple classes only to learn that half of the skills I learned don’t have any sort of specialization tree at all. Especially skills that are meant to define the class like Druid’s shapeshifting or any of Paladin’s skills.

You should be able to get a free full respec when skills become available because you are leveling your passive nodes to take full advantage of your skills so without being able to specialize in a skill you end up not taking a lot of nodes you would have taken if you were able to specialize in the skill from the beginning.


Agree. I hope this is a short term qol adjustment. Once there are more event and lores that can be built into areas, hopefully devs will revert to having larger maps.


Agree with @Jerle, @Telzen, @Wormbait, @Neux here

While in it’s current state the areas can be boring to explore but there is no denying that they are very well designed. Which is why I disagree with shortening them not to mention doing so is definitely not the solution.

You guys have given us some beautiful maps, instead of shortening them it’d be better to just add more quests and lore notes to them to incentivize exploration. I have already brought this up in a separate thread.

Your aim should be to incentivize exploration.


like others have stated, DONT FUCKING SHRINK THE MAPS, add more details into them to make the walking worth it it! example: higher density of enemies, different enemies, lore books, and items in certain parts of the map/and or starting low level uniques 100% drop if you open a bush/barrel ect… in a certain area of a map next to some great stone relic, or very artsy temple, or god statue… be creative, be unique with some ideas to fill the maps with :slight_smile:)


The lack of specializations for all skills is the reason I haven’t played LE for some time.

Adding new masteries got me hyped to play them, but when I found that they weren’t complete the hype quickly faded. Which is unfortunate as, otherwise, I really like where the game is going.


I think game optimization is very important for me🐶


Wow! Excellent! Good news are coming every day! :slight_smile:


Updated the OP to add the following;


  • The Monolith of Fate will now save and load your progress.
  • Your permanent minions will have icons on the minimap.

After This Patch

Something else we are currently working on is beginning the process of having voice acting recorded for the game. The first VA has been recorded, and we’re in the process of looking at voice actors for additional characters. Please note this will take a long time.




Just to clarify, we’re not planning on widespread shortening of levels.

We’re only adjusting the Shattered Valley and its Imperial Era equivalent, Welryn Outskirts, to focus on the part of the map that has unique terrain so that it’s more evident when playing that the two zones are the same part of the world, but in different eras. The change will also mean that their transitions to Welryn itself are in the same place.


I really hope the minion icon on the mini map is not the answer to their God awful AI and the problem of them running off on their own that has been brought up and pleaded to be fixed numerous times.

Also any new skill trees coming?


Any word on possible release times for the patch itself?:slight_smile:

Also want to remind you guys of the need for level requirement indication for stash items. It sucks looking through 6 tabs of items when 90% of them you cant even wear because of level.


A really easy idea would be fading out all items that you cant wear when there in your stash. I like the concept of making it easier to see what you can cant wear in stash!.


Updated the OP to add the following;


  • Dropped unique items and set items will be shown on the minimap. (Preview)
  • Aura of Decay is receiving a skill specialization tree.
  • Smite is receiving a skill specialization tree.

After This Patch

We’re making good progress on the visual indicators for buffs & debuffs. This system won’t be included in Patch 0.7.1, but you can expect us to be showing off a preview fairly soon.


This is amazing! :open_mouth: I’m gonna only play Aura of Decay and Paladin for a while :smiley:


For wizards will things that buff spell damage gained in the passive tree that have % chance on hit be included in buffs you can see when there active? I cant think of the passive skill at the moment but its at the top of sorcerer passive skill tree. I never know if its working or not.


I want to play with smite early! Thank you to everyone in EHG :smiley_cat:


i’m hyped to play multiplayer in this game. Anyone have a idea when it starts?


no, it hasn’t been announced yet.


Hello , nice work , i’d also like the game get more details to damage tooltip on skill , character sheet and get more optimization improvement for non hight end computer.