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Patch Preview: Alpha 0.6



screams like a little girl
manly deep voice “Oh cool.”


So stoked!!


Hyyyype! Really looking forward to Bone Golem, he looks so bad ass but currently can’t scale up, was one of my first really “wow this is awesome” skills.


He’s a favourite of mine, @theyareravens! :slight_smile:


Can we smell the patch yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


yes, it smells like coffee and bacon


Release date?


A small patch is downloading…i bet this isnt the one I was hoping for… Damn:P
OH SHIT. That was just for the launcher. A big patch is downloading now. It’s here boys. Hype.
About 4 gigs.


Thanks for the reminder–

The patch is indeed out, and you can read the entire list of patch notes here: Alpha 0.6 Patch Notes