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Patch Preview: Alpha 0.5.4




Patch 0.5.4 brings improvements to existing zones and fleshes out our crafting system.


  • Quests have been implemented!
  • Chapter One has been expanded through the addition of side areas.
  • Crafting has been a focus of this patch, with changes including;
    • Added Glyphs, which are single-use items which modify a craft in some way.
      (e.g. If your craft results in a fracture, the fracture tier is reduced by one)
    • Added Runes, which differ from Glyphs by being standalone items.
      (e.g. Remove an affix from an item; make it more likely to fracture in the future)
    • The drop rate of Shattering Stones has been increased.
    • Affix Shards can now drop from enemies as loot.
    • The inventory now has a dedicated tab for crafting items.
    • When shattering an item you will now be told which Shards were obtained.
    • The crafting window no longer displays Shards you cannot apply to the item.
  • Added a search bar to skill specialization trees.
  • Added a search bar to the mastery window.
  • Flame Reave now has a skill specialization tree.
  • Lunge now has a skill specialization tree.
  • Added visual effects to make combat more visually responsive.
  • Reduced stun chance across the board.
    • Stun-related affixes have been buffed to offset this.
  • Made improvements to lighting, post-processing, and performance.
  • Bug fixes including;
    • We reproduced the bug causing most damage numbers not to be displayed! Using what we learned from this, we created a fix which resolved the issue internally.
    • Fixed a bug which could result in an item being ‘stuck’ to the cursor.
    • Corrected an issue which could result in items being duplicated.

After this patch

In addition to incrementally adding specialization trees to skills which lack them, we will be gradually adding new quests, side areas, and crafting items.

New character models and multiple Chapters are in various stages of development.


Awesome :slight_smile:


I’m very excited to see those new animations!


Well this was unexpected, looks good


I like the planning and appreciate the commitment, keep up the good work :+1:


Such an amazing patch wow! All the things to do :smiley:


Sweet can’t wait to see these improvements


Oh boy now I’m gonna be running around chapter 1 for hours trying to explore all of the side areas… “for the wiki” ofc.


It’s Christmas Early! :grinning:

Can’t wait to Start Playing Now.


Awesome ! Looking forward trying the new content / changes.


Why is this not released right now??? whine


Really excited for crafting!


Awesome, can’t wait! Thx.


nice shot


Can’t wait to try flame reave since I have that unique flame sword for it.


Can’t wait to play this patch! I’m really excited for the damage number fix, should it work that is. I love experimenting with builds and not seeing how much damage I do makes that more difficult.


Hype :dark_sunglasses:


awsome :heart_eyes:


So when does this patch go live so I can start testing?


yeah, when can we expect this patch to drop