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Patch 0.7 g and tooltip errors/skills

There some very heavy tooltip errors or even skill errors.

For example,
+fireball gets +15% basic crit chance per point
+Thorn totem gets 160% chance to poison pet point

So please read over all you skill and check if tooltip with numbers are right linked.

If you notice skill/passive nodes that don’t line up it’s much faster for us to fix the issue if we have a node name, just because of how many nodes there are to check. Thanks!

I try to write it down, only basic class, have no mastery class

Class beastmaster:
-Skill Thorn totem - Node Venom tipped thornes : effect 143% poision chance per point (0/7) == value error
-Summon Wolf - node lasting strenght, +50% health reg per point (0/5) == to check if value error
-Thorn burst - node Floric Tides, +50% cd recovery per pooint (0/6) == to check if value error
-Sabertooth - node constituion +70% health reg per point (0/8) == to check if value error

-Fireball - node Orb of destuction +15% base crit chance (0/2) == check if value error
-Mana strike - node Rune Sap == here is no blue element in tooltip

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