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Patch 0.7.3 now gives me a constant stutter

Since this latest patch I now have a constant stutter that makes the game unplayable. Changing my settings doesn’t help as it happens on everything from very low all the way to ultra. It didn’t happen in the chapter 1 and 2 towns, but it seemed to happen in most other zones.
DxDiag.txt (71.5 KB)
Graphics.INI (580 Bytes)
I also looked at this file output_log.txt (64.6 KB) and notice a whole lot of “WARNING: Shader Unsupported” stuff in there so that has me a little concerned.

Thank you very much for the detailed report and included files.

I’m looking at your graphics .ini file and seeing the following;

Screen Resolution=Error

I strongly suspect this is related to the issues you are experiencing.

It may be worth renaming this file to le_graphicsmanager.old while the game client isn’t running so that a new one will be generated the next time you run the game. Could you please try this, and then post the new graphics .ini file for us?

While I suspect this is not caused by security software, I would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to flag the game as a trusted application just so we can conclusively rule that out.

Well it seems that no matter what I do I can’t get the game to generate a new graphics.ini. I did make the game an exception in Zone Alarm and that didn’t change anything. When I get home from work I’m going to try a fresh install.

Well a fresh install didn’t help. Also the only file it seems to generate is this one: le_graphicsmanager.ini (1.9 KB)

I also am having extreme stutter issues after this patch that I didn’t have before. :frowning:

Well with 0.7.4 the issue now seems to be gone. General performance is now worse than it was in 0.7.2 for me though. I used to be able to have my settings on a mix of medium and high and was getting 60-80 indoors and 45-55 outdoors. Now I have to have my settings mostly on low and I get about half the fps. Also some outdoor areas my character has no player light so they just look like a walking dark blob lol.

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