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Patch 0.7.3 Includes Four New Unique Items! Which One Has Your Favourite Art?

(Interested in these items? We’ve posted a preview of Cinder Song and Hollow Finger here!)


Seems like the jewelries have more intricate designs :thinking:

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Cinder Song is my favorite of the bunch, also Orian’s Eye not looking much like a ring lol.


I love the polearm!

I’ll be rockin’ the polearm!

I love all but the ring doesn’t feel a ring ^^

Orian’s Eye looks like an Amulet but outside of this everything looks nice.

It is indeed! Apologies for the image being incorrect. :slight_smile:

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Easily the finger for me, only the fingernail could be a bit less bent and a bit Shorter for my taste, to make it look like a human finger, not some animal claw.

Feel the same lol. Ahh I see it is an amulet, makes sense!

I am dying to get me one or two of them Hallow Fingers. A friend of mine is blessed by RNGesus, he hates summoners but already snagged two of them.

pretty sure its just me as no else has said anything, but I can’t seem to use that link for the item previews.

Hey, sorry about that! It should be fixed now.

oh thank you, it did indeed. Though i am just now realizing that was a 0.7.3 which is live and therefore could have found the info on the wiki. This game has the best developer team I’ve come across so far. I also play a lot of open Alphas and Betas, and most of the time you can’t even get help with a game breaking glitch much less a reply on the forums.


Appreciate the kind words!

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